We’ve been in a constant state of awe since we watched her overcome depression and her fears in ‘Dear Zindagi’. The confused lass with parent issues galore and a pretty troubled love life resonated with a lot of us throughout the film. Watch this perfect blend of laughter and emotions and we can bet you’ll go ‘That is SO me’ at least once. Such was the relatable, heart-touching tale of Kaira.


What stood out the most in the film was indubitably Alia’s portrayal of a troubled, passionate young woman. As blown away as  we are, but in retrospect, Alia has always been a stellar performer and one hell of a chic chick. So today, we delve into films, fashion and more to see just what makes Alia the bubbly diva she is.

1. She Never Shies Away From Different Roles

Try Highway, Udta Punjab and now Dear Zindagi. Whatever it is that makes her pick these roles, she’s doing it right. She’s matured as an actor quicker than most others.


2. Her Fashion Choices Are On Point

Sneakers – Check, Boho – Check, Hairstyles – Check. Top these off with her dimpled smile and we’ve surrendered our heart.

3. She Nailed Her Weight Loss Journey

That, in itself, is an amazing achievement. Now, she’s strict as can be with her diet and exercise.

alia-bhatt-bollywood-makeover-before-after4. She Has Amazing Chemistry With Co-Stars

When someone pairs perfectly with Randeep Huda and Varun Dhawan alike, we have to give her a 10/10 for versatility. Also, who else has EVER pulled of a non-romantic role with Shahrukh Khan?


5. Her Personality Has Us Spellbound

This ever-giggling, effervescent daddy’s girl who has no trouble laughing at herself could easily be you or me. The fact that we see so much of ourselves in her personality and mannerisms makes us fall harder in love with her.


And now, she’s got us falling in love with our life all over again. If you’re an ordinary girl in an ordinary world, confused and overwhelmed more often than not, then do watch this film.


Meanwhile all we can say is – Love You, Alia!

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