Lenovo’s New Smartphone XT2015-2 Wi-Fi Certification Leaked

Lenovo’s New Smartphone XT2015-2 Wi-Fi Certification Leaked

Lenovo will soon be seen competing with the top companies playing it big in the smartphone markets. A recent leak by Wi-Fi Alliance (the global authority of Wi-Fi technology and certification) shows that Lenovo’s new phone from the XT Series will feature Android v9.0 Operating System. The new Lenovo phone has received this Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Interoperability Certificate on July 4, 2019, and is identified with model number XT2015-2.  

Wifi Alliance Certification

The new Lenovo XT2015-2 has been certified for WPA – Enterprise, Personal WPA2 – Enterprise, Personal Wi-Fi Direct that can be accessed with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup. The phone’s Wi-Fi Direct will further support a frequency of 2.4 GHz. While other information about its processor, appearance and features has not been disclosed yet, the phone is being anticipated to be unveiled soon. Being a part of the Lenovo XT series, this phone is presumed to have numerous features from the previous smartphones from the XT series like 1902-1, 1902-21902-3 along with numerous other new features.

Apart from this Lenovo will also be seen launching few other phones like Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G and Lenovo Z6 Pro. These phones are anticipated to hit the smartphone markets soon. 


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