Wing It Permanently With Sephora’s Eyeliner

A must-have part of your day look is that perfectly winged eyeliner. Yes, I agree, it is a struggle. But when you get that perfect flick, that’s just a little moment of joy. Eyeliner tends to tie the knot on the whole look and adds that touch of finality that you so require.

There are so many types of eyeliner available, some better than others. Every brand promises to last like a tattoo and to withstand against water. But which ones actually fulfil what they promise? That’s the real question. Let’s find out here

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Liquid Liner – True Black Matte

The classic liquid liner that is perfect to get the job done. With a powerful formula, you just need one swipe and your liner is on. The true matte, full-pigment fluid allows for the best application. Another noteworthy point with this brand is that it is vegan and cruelty-free. Meaning you can buy the product with good consciousness. Get it now on NNNOW with CashKaro’s NNNOW coupons.

PIXI – Endless Silky Eye Pen – Deep Plum

Coloured eyeliner is a great invention that sadly hasn’t quite caught on. It offers a cool touch of creativity and makes you stand apart from the crowd. PIXI eyeliner will not budge once you put it on, even after a whole day of dancing. Wear it to your next wedding and be the talk of the town.

BOBBI BROWN – Gel Eyeliner – Black Ink

Though tricky to figure out, once you do, you’ve got the whole eyeliner game in the bag. Bobbi Brown’s gel liner is the mother of all gel liners. This liner once applied, has nowhere to go. It will stay on your skin till you remove it. Get it now with NNNOW discount code.

SEPHORA COLLECTION – Black Ink – Fine Line Felt Liner

If an easy application is your priority, then this is the way to go. One swipe and you’re done when you use Sephora’s felt-tip liner. The liner promises 12 hours and 12 hours you’ll get. Add it to your collection now with NNNOW offers.  

MAKE UP FOR EVER – Aqua XL Eye Pencil – Iridescent Lagoon Green

Another coloured one, this eyeliner is a pencil type product. Available in 4 colours, this eyeliner can be a perfect addition to any of your party outfits, or when you can be a little ‘extra’.

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