Curling up with a steaming cup of coffee and book, taking no alarm clock naps, indulging in luxurious baths and simply relaxing are some of the little joys that you get to experience in winters. But it’s also a time when you must not slack on your beauty routine. It’s vital that you take your winter beauty regime seriously if you don’t want to deal with peeling skin all season round. Here’s a list of the most common winter skin care mistakes people make and how to prevent them:

Give exfoliation a miss


Yes, exfoliators can be drying on the skin but that’s no reason to exclude this important step from your winter beauty ritual. In the chilly weather, more dead skin cells collect on the surface of your skin due to low moisture content. Using a gentle exfoliator like Fabindia neem and tulsi gel scrub is a must to shed the dead skin cells and allow your moisturizer to work at its full capacity.

Skip SPF

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should be applying sunscreen in winters, it’s definitely worth doing. The effect of the UV rays that cause damage to the skin is less intense in the winter but they are out all year round. So, unless you want your skin aging quickly and developing spots, you must apply it on a regular basis even in winters without fail.

Work with your existing routine


When winters arrive, the first thing you do is make your wardrobe ready for the cold season by welcoming cozy and warm layers. You need to do the same with your beauty routine. Drying cleansers, extremely light moisturizers and mud-based face packs won’t help you with overcoming the beauty problems that winters bring along. Make alterations in your skincare routine according to your skin type. Switch to gentle cleansers like the ones from Clinique to get rid of dirt without making your skin stretchy. Go for non-greasy yet rich moisturizers that hydrate and soothe the skin.

Get addicted to long, hot showers


Sorry to tell you, but the long, hot showers you enjoy every winter morning aren’t exactly blissful for your skin. Limit the duration of your hot shower to max 15 minutes. Any longer than that and you cause your skin to become drier.

Ignore your hands


Your hands get more dehydrated in winters due to frequent hand washing, dry heated hair inside house and cold winds. Given how soft and delicate the skin of your hands is, it is vital that you take an extra step to care for them. Keep cracked hands at bay by choosing a hand cream that is lightweight yet intensely nourishing.

Use the same foundation

To prevent foundation from sticking to scaly bits on your skin, it is important that you go with a change in the formula you use. Swap your proper matte foundation for a one with a slightly luminous finish. If you have dry skin, go with water-based foundations as they are hydrating. People looking for a light coverage option can opt for tinted moisturizers too.

If you find your skin gets really pale in winters, opt for a foundation a bit darker than your usual shade.

Give yourself an overdose of bronzer

In order to get that ‘sunkissed glow’, ensure that you don’t cross the line i.e. abuse them. Apart from choosing the right shade, go with ones that contain minimal shimmers and are sheer in pigmentation. It’s easier to build the color than to remove it. Also, the texture should be soft so that blending isn’t a difficult process. Oily skinned people should stick with powder-based bronzers while dry-combination skinned people can experiment with liquid formulations.

Not paying attention to your hair


Since the moisture level in air drops in winter, your hair becomes limp, lifeless and susceptible to static. A volumizing spray can work wonders in giving limp hair a lift. Use it before you blowout your hair to get a voluminous mane. Sleep on a silk pillowcase to guard your hair against static. To tame those annoying flyways, mist a toothbrush with a hairspray and smooth it on them. Deep conditioning hair masques must be used on a weekly basis to give your hair the much needed extra TLC.

Bonus tip: Tuck your hair into your top or sweater before you put on your coat or jacket. This saves your hair from rubbing against your outfit’s outer layer which causes friction.


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