In the rushed routine of the modern daily life, hair care doesn’t get the priority it deserves. Worried about hair fall, premature greying? Buying branded products that promise wonders don’t deliver. But since hair matters, it’s wise to devote some time to its health.

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What is a Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is an essential oil, it’s extracted from the tea tree shrub. It is native to Australia. There are many benefits of Tea Tree oil. It has properties that have made it a popular remedy for treating issues of the scalp and skin.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil?

  • Mixed in with a carrier oil for a scalp massage
  • As a part of your regular shampoo routine
  • As a pre-shower solution to target skin condition such as spots on the scalp

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Benefit of Tea Tree Oil For Hair

1. Treats dandruff

Tea tree oil has always considered as an oil capable of fighting against dandruff. It moisturizes the scalp, removes the dryness of scalp and gets rid of dandruff.

2. It promotes hair growth

Ever wonder how to stop hair fall and promote hair growth? Well, tea tree oil promotes hair growth by proving nourishment to the roots of hair. It has the ability to regrow hair and prevents from breakage of hair.

3. Cleanses scalp and clears clogged pores

Tea tree oil cleanses the scalp and clears clogged pores which provides a way for hair strands to grow. Dirty and clogged pores are the main reason for dandruff and hair loss.

4. Soothes and calms itchy scalp

Tea tree oil kills all the microbes that cause damage to scalp health, it soothes and calms the itchy scalp. Scalp itchiness can be due to dandruff, dryness or due to the dirty scalp. It cleans all the clogged dirt and improves the scalp health.

5. Gives you longer and thicker hair

Tea tree oil doesn’t speed up hair growth, it actually encourages hair growth by unclogging hair follicles.

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Directions to Use Tea Tree Oil

  • Shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Towel dry and brush or comb your hair
  • Drip about 10 drops of tea tree oil into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to disperse the oil
  • Massage the oil into your scalp, then work it through the strands of your hair
  • Dry and style your hair as usual

Side Effects

Read on to arm yourself with an understanding of some of these side effects of tea tree oil:

  • Allergies – Tea tree oil for hair can result in severe allergic reactions to people who are sensitive to the oil
  • Scalp Problems – The irritation can be as a result of burning, stinging or inflammation
  • Hormonal Imbalance – Tea tree oil can cause hormonal side effects if used on young boys

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Do not overheat the oil as it can lose nutrients and you also run the risk of burning your scalp.

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