So you’ve got unrealistic deadlines, a boss breathing down your neck and you think you’ve got the hardest job in the world? Well, take a minute and check out these things that people actually do for money. Believe it or not, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for your comfy 9-5 situation.

Dog Food Taster

Yeah, the food needs to be tasted by someone who can actually say yay or nay. So a human being spends time tasting these not so scrumptious treats (For humans, anyway). Your office offers you a nice lunch, right?

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Deodorant Tester

Well, someone needs to check if deodorants are doing their jobs or not. So people are hired to smell pit after pit until the right deodorant does its job. Until then, they just inhale body odor.


Animal Masturbator

We were as horrified as you probably are right now while we came across this info. Now animals sometimes need to go through fertility tests and they can’t be supplied with videos and asked to do the deed. So, a pair of human hands has to ‘come’ into the picture.


Pest Controller

We might be letting personal bias seep in here, but killing lizards and mice for a living cannot be a job one looks forward to. Except maybe if the guys pretend they’re in a real life video game or something (Grand Pest Auto? Sorry).



If you’ve ever felt insulted when your significant other hangs up on you, try being hung up on for a living. These guys go into work knowing that they’re going to get phones slammed in their faces for money.



Now the salary is decent for podiatrists but we don’t know if checking people’s feet for ingrown toenails and fungus is worth it. And then the occasional guy comes in saying ‘Doctor my feet smell real bad’.
maxresdefaultGrave Digger

Imagine this – Your life’s work is digging holes in the ground all the while knowing that you’re digging to shove dead bodies in them. Creeps you out doesn’t it? Doesn’t pay very much either.


We sincerely hope you feel better about your job now, because we certainly do!

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