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It is always difficult to choose, identify and purchase the right item on the internet. Questions such as the legitimacy and quality as advertised of the product you wish to buy always arise. Additionally, a large percentage of online transactions are deemed to be scams. Thus, it becomes virtually strenuous to prove the legitimacy of the online business and the quality of their advertised products.

Many first-time WorthWagon customers experience these familiar circumstances and I want to state that the patrons of the WorthWagon website need not worry about the legitimacy or quality of the products. Their ultra-low prices may appear to be somewhat unrealistic. However, their tenacity and articulate manner in selling software and providing support after the purchase have proven otherwise.

The WorthWagon Website

The WorthWagon Website specialises in genuine retail of software such as anti-virus, particularly to small and medium business enterprises as well as private individuals, at the lowest prices. The relatively-new website also offers additional services at no extra cost, such as customer support – to ensure their customers are happy and well taken care of.

Furthermore, the website offers smooth and safe payment options such as PayPal to ease you of any worry with regards to your finances. The website also offers a guaranteed fast and detailed service. Once a purchase is made and the payment is made, an email will be sent out immediately with your purchased product and information so you can begin using it right away.

The Product

Just like the actual product manufacturer’s website, software purchased on the WorhtWagon website is genuine and provided all the specs and features to their full capacity as per the manufacturer’s guide. Additionally, any license keys provided by WorthWagon website legitimately work on the manufacturer’s website and servers. Now that is hard to bypass if the license key is not legitimate!

WorthWagon TrustPilot Review

Customer and Technical Support

At no additional cost, WorthWagon offers customer and technical support to their customers – to ensure a smooth and comfortable customer experience. After providing you with the license key and activation details, WorthWagon customer support will be available to guide you through the activation and operating process, if requested. Their FAQs section is also a quick avenue to get any answers you might have regarding your purchase. Furthermore, like any other customer, WorthWagon customers are entitled to technical support from the manufacturer of the software.

In summary, this is how it works, you purchase the software with activation and license keys from WorthWagon, if requested, customer support will guide you through the activation process. Once activated, if the buyer still experiences trouble operating the software, then the manufacturer’s technical support is here to help.

Alternative for Consumers

Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon will protect the buyer by facilitating the sale through a time-bound return period. With WorthWagon however, it is slightly different. The website sells the software and the software will have a valid time period. For example, 12 months. If your software, for any reason stops working, then you may still return it or sort the issue out with WorthWagon.

How is it so Pocket-Friendly?

WorthWagon is a product reseller. Thus, it gathers its products through direct mass purchase from the manufacturer. Obviously, the price paid per software is lower than the manufacturer’s indicative prices.

Additionally, WorthWagon specialises in online research. They research online product prices and discounts which they integrate to create the best and lowest prices for their products. And what’s more to the advantage is you get the actual genuine manufacturer’s product at a fraction of the price!

Are They Worth Trusting?

If the above testimonies are not enough, then there are standard factors to look at that prove the website is legit. WorthWagon ticks the boxes on all these 5 key factors listed below:

Website Security

An SSL certified website like WorthWagon ensures that information shared by its customers cannot be intercepted or shared with any third party.

Payment Security

The legitimate website always wants to protect its customers. Thus, it will provide minimally intrusive and safe payment options such as PayPal. Plus, WorthWagon provides refunds if the customer is not satisfied and this is clearly communicated.

Check your product

After payment is processed and activation code is shared, immediately check to confirm that the product is legitimate – WorthWagon will always provide genuine products.

Confirm with manufacturer

You can cross-check specifications and unique codes once received from the website with the actual manufacturer to confirm whether the product is legitimate.

Online reviews

An old trick to better understand a product or a vendor is to get testimonies or references from previous customers. In the online world, this is done by going through reviews. Go through customer reviews from different non-related sources to better understand your vendor as well as their credibility.

Final Thoughts

For me personally, WorthWagon has definitely been a website worth spending money on without worrying about scams or purchasing fake products. Plus, I get to save on a lot without losing quality.

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