Wow! Dandelion Tea Can Do THIS For You?

Often neglected and eradicated as weeds in the garden, the dandelion plant actually has multiple uses! Dandelion has been used for consumption by humans since a long time. This is mainly due to its medicinal properties. The Dandelion tea has been looked upon as a herbal substitute to coffee. Let’s take a look at some more facts and benefits of Dandelion tea!

Facts About Dandelion Tea

  • A lot of people try and get rid of the Dandelion plant when it grows as a weed in lawns and gardens.
  • Dandelion is rich in Vitamins A, C, B6 and also minerals like Calcium, Iron and Magnesium.
  • Dandelion tea is made from the plant’s leaves as well as its roots.
  • Dandelion acts as a diuretic and increases urine output.
  • Ancient studies have described Dandelion as a tonic for liver. It is known to increase bile production.
  • Dandelion can help with ailments that are usually associated to digestion. It helps in detoxification as well.

Make sure to use dandelion flowers that have not been sprayed with pesticides. A 9-12 gm dose of Dandelion in tea is sufficient to experience the benefits of this wonder ‘weed’.

7 Important Questions About Dandelion Tea Answered

What does dandelion tea do for your body?

Dandelion tea helps you get rid of bloating. It is a great substitute for coffee and also protects your liver. It can also help in treating urinary tract infections and curing digestive problems.

 What are the side effects of dandelion root tea?

Some people may be allergic to dandelions and thus, having dandelion tea may cause skin rashes in such individuals. Apart from this, no definite side effects have been reported.

How long does it take for dandelion tea to work?

Dandelion tea consumption should be followed by drinking filtered water. It takes roughly ten days for dandelion tea to start showing results.

Does dandelion root tea make you sleepy?

Dandelion tea does not have sleep inducing properties. It  rather works as a stimulant and acts as a substitute for coffee.

Does dandelion tea make you poop?

Dandelion root is known to behave as a mild laxative which helps to soften stool and ensure  easy bowel movements. Dandelion tea also improves bile production in the body which in turn promotes healthy metabolism of fats.

Why should I drink dandelion tea?

Having a cup of dandelion tea daily helps you get rid of bloating and keeps your liver healthy. It also provides you with antioxidant flavonoids like carotene and lutein. It is a natural diuretic and keeps the digestive system functioning smoothly.

Does dandelion tea make you pee?

Dandelion tea has diuretic properties and expels more urine from your system. It reduces bloating and increases urine output.

Where To Buy Dandelion Tea?

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