What is Yastimadhu Powder?

Yastimadhu or Licorice is a root of Glycyrrhiza Glabra which is sweet in taste. It is native to Southern Europe and parts of Asia. Yastimadhu is known to fight against gastrointestinal diseases and it offers numerous health benefits. Licorice root is also called ‘Sweetroot’ as it has a sweet taste which is used in the preparation of various spices. Licorice is broken down into a powder form, this powder is known as Yastimadhu powder.

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Natural Characteristics of Yastimadhu Powder?

  • It is rich in vitamins like B and E
  • It contains essential minerals like magnesium, potassium and iron
  • Is anti-inflammatory
  • Is anti-diabetic substance
  • Is anti-bacterial
  • Natural aphrodisiac
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Benefits & Uses of Yastimadhu Powder

Improves Gastrointestinal Health

Yastimadhu powder can treat acid reflux and prevents acid formation in the stomach lining. Licorice is known to cure stomach ulcers and heartburns. You can have licorice powder with water or lemon water to ease down stomach irritation. Take 1 tablespoon of Licorice juice with your smoothie to help cure prolonged stomach diseases like constipation.

Controls Blood Sugar Level

Yastimadhu powder possesses anti-diabetic properties that help maintain blood sugar levels in your body. Amorfutin and Glabridin are two substances in Licorice that prevent kidney failure due to diabetes. You can add licorice powder to your smoothie as a sweetening agent.

Aids In Weight Loss

Licorice is rich in dietary fiber that helps reduce body mass and helps you feel fuller for a longer time. Licorice flavonoid oil also helps reduce obesity and prevents the onset of other diseases caused due to obesity. You can have Licorice powder twice a day to reduce your weight.

Boosts Liver Health

The anti-inflammatory properties of Yastimadhu powder help cure alcohol-induced injury and boost liver health. It also prevents waterborne-disease like Jaundice and other diseases that damage the liver. Licorice powder is known to detoxify your body from harmful toxins.

Relieves Hormonal Issues In Woman

Yastimadhu powder helps balance female hormones and reduce the production of testosterone. It helps cure polycystic ovarian syndrome and other premenstrual syndrome diseases. You can add Licorice powder in your savory dishes as a sweetening agent.

Improves Skin Complexion

Licorice is a skin brightening agent that brings back the lost glow to your skin. Mix turmeric powder, Multani mitti, rose water and licorice powder to prepare a mask. Apply the mask on your skin to remove dark spots and blemishes. It also reduces the production of melanin in your skin which improves skin complexion.

Promotes Hair Growth

Licorice contains flavonoids, phytoestrogens and other essential oils that takes care of your hair. It combats premature balding in men and promotes hair growth. It removes scabs and dandruff from your scalp and gives room for healthy hair growth. You can make a hair mask at your home by mixing lemon juice, amla juice and licorice powder and apply it on your hair before 1 hour of hair wash.

How To Consume Yastimadhu Powder?

  • You can make a paste of licorice powder mixed with rose water and milk and apply it on your face as an anti-aging mask
  • Add Yastimadhu powder in your face creams and apply it on your affected areas to clear off blemishes and dark spots from your face
  • Have licorice powder with water in the morning
  • Yastimadhu can be added into any smoothie as a sweetening agent
  • Mix licorice in your spices and have a tasty yummy dish ready to spice up your taste buds

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Side Effects And Precautions

Yastimadhu Powder is 100% natural and it does not possess any side effects. However, if you are a heart patient, you should consult your physician before starting with daily consumption of Licorice powder. A pregnant woman and breastfeeding mothers should avoid the intake of Licorice powder.

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Where To Buy Yastimadhu?

Brands That Sell Yastimadhu 

  • Indus Valley
  • Pramsh Mulethi (licorice powder)
  • Wild Forest Mulethi Powder
  • Khadi

Stores That Sell Yastimadhu

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