Yatra Red Logo

The online travel agency, Yatra has rebranded itself with a change in avatar and user experience. The company has chucked its old and not-so-catchy logo for a fiery red hand-drawn alternative.

Yatra Red Logo

One of the leading online travel portals in India since 2006, Yatra has like a lot of other reputed brands chosen to showcase a change in its stand and its offering of services to users. The logo change is accompanied by changes in communication, messaging and branding elements as well.

Here are 5 things to know about Yatra’s new positioning as a vibrant travel brand.

1. Showcasing Richness of Product and Services

Yatra Travels

Yatra has evolved as an online travel company over the years and is now a marketplace allowing verified sellers to list travel products for the benefit of travelers. The ever-increasing bouquet of products has created a positive impact for Yatra among tourists and frequent outers.

2. Exuberating Energy

Yatra Holiday Packages

Yatra’s new red logo symbolizes exuberance and energy. The old logo was more of a damp squib which did not incite any energy or excitement among travelers. The new symbolization positions Yatra as a leader in the online travel sphere with the fiery red logo bringing out the energy and enthusiasm of the brand.

3. Fluid Travel Experiences

Yatra Logo

The hand drawn logo by Yatra symbolizes a seamless and fluid travel experience that is offered by the brand to all its users. Inspired by the trail of a journey that a traveler has, Yatra’s logo is free flowing and not bound as travel plans should be!

4. Friendly and Approachable Stand

Yatra New Website

Yatra brings forth its stand as a company that is friendly and approachable at all times with a complete revamp of the online site for bookings and user experiences. Rich new features are added along with new offers for users to get the most out of their travel bookings with Yatra.

5. New Ideas and New Discoveries

Yatra Road Trip

Yatra has announced that with the brand changeover, the company has taken a step towards experimenting more and trying out newer ideas. These new ideas, in turn, lead to new discoveries which would lead to new experiences in the company’s journey forward. Started out a decade ago, the new look symbolizes Yatra’s connect with the new age traveler.

Say hello to new travel beginning with Yatra 🙂

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