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One of the best forms of exercise and all-round wellness was invented in the country we call home, India. Yoga is a form of exercise which has you contorting in different shapes which will increase your flexibility, stamina and overall physical health. It is also rigorous with controlled breathing, which in the long-run is extremely good for you.

Though yoga is not very equipment intensive and it can be practised anywhere, with certain products, it is made easier. Here are some Yoga equipment you can find on Club Factory.

Fuscous® Purple Yoga Mat

This is a foam yoga mat which the asanas should ideally be performed on top on. It makes it more comfortable as you are not standing on a hard surface. This particular mat is extra spacious and has sweat-absorbent properties. Buy it now using Club Factory offers from CashKaro.

Elastic Exerciser

This is essentially an elastic band with which you can perform multiple exercises. It provides you with resistance which will work on your muscles. It is one of the easiest and safest ways to push yourself. Buy it now with Club Factory coupons and save!

Mezire Pyramids, Magnets & Acupressure Power Mat

This is sort of a spiked mat which is great for acupressure and for pain relief. With prolonged use, it is proven to have numerous beneficial effects for your body. Get it using Club Factory promo codes now.

Prokyde Gym ball

We all like to sit and bounce on the yoga ball, but do we actually exercise with it? The yoga ball is a great surface to practice exercises on as it constantly engages various muscles. Just sitting on one instead of a regular chair is recommended. Buy your yoga ball using Club Factory coupon codes from CashKaro now.

Hot Shapers Yoga Wrap

This is a waist wrap which is commonly used when performing yoga. It ensures that your back stays in a rigid position which is vital for asanas. It also provides you with support when your pose is pushing you a bit too far. Get your now with Club Factory coupons and save on your order.

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