Renting a self-drive car for a trip is now easier, faster and if done right more economical than driving your own car. So, whether it’s short trips with friends and family, or a casual day-out alone you can drive a slew of high-end cars at affordable prices. You can experience the joy driving all the cars you love, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Benefits Of Renting A Self-Drive Car

  • Convenience
  • Experience Luxury
  • Privacy
  • No Driver (like you’d have in a cab)
  • Covers Accidental Damage
  • Affordable rates

We looked at some self-drive websites and found an insane deal on Mylescars. So, if you’re the kinds who loves a good road trip, we’ve got an idea for you!

Drive A Fortuner This Weekend

  • Car Booked- Toyota Fortuner
  • Duration – Weekend (2 days)
  • Distance- Unlimited
  • Fuel- Diesel
  • Idea For- 7 Passengers
  • Total Price: Rs. 16,025 for unlimited kms
  • Price after CashKaro Cashback: Rs. 14,800

So, if you rent a Fortuner with 7 of your friends it costs just Rs. 2115 per head. Moreover, you get extra Cashback and discounts when you book a Mylescar through CashKaro.

If that’ still too steep for you, you can make it a super-duper value for money deal, by renting a smaller car. For example, you can drive a Hyundai i10 Grand for unlimited kms with your five friends this weekend (2 days), at as low price as Rs. 6118 (post CashKaro Cashback), which comes to just Rs. 1225 per person.

Other Benefits of Mylescars:

It is India’s largest self-drive car service which:

  • Offers services in multiple Indian cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Gurugram, Noida, Jaipur, Amritsar, Goa etc.
  • Offers rentals on daily/weekly/hourly/monthly basis for inter & intra-city travelling
  • Offers insurance & GPS for all cars
  • Offers roadside assistance, accidental damage and accidental vehicle document loss
  • Third party damage Implications are also covered

Ready to rent a car? Check out how much it’ll cost you at Mylescars via CashKaro.


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