1. WTF Burger at Burger Barn Café

  • Location: Pune
  • Cost: Rs 600

The challenge is to gulp down a foot long burger that weighs approximately 2 kilos. Follow this up with a side of fries and a milkshake, and you’ll be in their Hall of Fame. The burger contains salami, sausages, egg and six chicken patties.

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2. Colored Burgers at Barcelo’s Burgers

  • Location: Delhi
  • Cost: Rs 585

Fancy a black burger? Or a red one?  How about a white burger? These yummy Portuguese flavoured burgers contain natural colors from beetroot (red), roasted wheat (black) and coconut (white). With hot and spicy peri peri sauce, they’re as yummy as they’re attractive.

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3. Sasquatch Burger at Sundance Café

  • Location: Mumbai
  • Cost: Rs 1,000

The burger contains 20 ounces of beef with a hearty side of French fries. If you can finish this monster of a burger in 30 minutes, you get a free meal. The burger contains bacon and cheese along with beef and guacamole.

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4. Bacon Burger at Chilli’s Grill & Bar

  • Location: Delhi
  • Cost: Rs 505

The bacon burger at Chilli’s might look like it’s harmless. But, it is laden with strips over strips of bacon and cheddar. The tenderloin patty is juicy and will leave you with a too full but satisfied tummy.

5. Mother In Laws Revenge at Old World’s Charm

  • Location: Delhi
  • Cost: Rs 1,000

This humungous burger contains 8 chicken patties and loads of cheese. It comes with a side of milkshake, fries and pasta. You might not be able to finish it in one go, but if you do, you get your photo up on the wall of fame

Try one of these burgers and you bound to salivate for more. Although, if you are craving a classic, light yet delicious burger, do check out Freshmenu. Here, you’ll find the freshest, healthy ingredients presented as the yummiest food.

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