Bali – The land of Gods, with its rich heritage and natural beauty attracts a lot of tourists from every corner of the world. An enchanting place, this island harbors a lot of beautiful places that adds to the charm of this island. Famous for its clean beaches and waterfalls, this place is a home to some temples and sanctuaries too.

Ideal For: Families, Friends, Couples
Why go there: Panoramic Natural Views, adventure Activities, Beautiful Beaches
Trivia: The picturesque bohemian town of Ubud is a vegan heaven.
Best time to Visit: May – July

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The Top Places to Visit in Bali Include:

20. Kuta Beach

Originally a quiet and simple fishing village, this beach is now amongst one of the top destinations of Bali. A great place to surf to your heart’s fill, this beach has a lot of fun things to do. In addition to being a home to various shopping and food joints, the nightlife at Kuta is happening, thanks to the famous nightclubs in its Legian district.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Panoramic Views | Shopping
Best Time to Visit: April to November
Location: Kuta

19. Nusa Dua

This 200 meters long beach occupies the southern peninsula of Bali. The white sands and clean beach fronts all make it one of the best beaches of Bali. Facing the beautiful waterscapes, this beach also harbours some of the iconic beachfront resorts and international chain hotels providing you a luxurious stay.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Panoramic Views
Best Time to Visit: March to April
Location: Nusa Dua

18. Sanur Beach

Occupying the eastern side of Bali’s isthmus, this place is a home to a mix of shops and restaurants. Curved in a semi-circle form one can enjoy a stroll on the beach or cycle all the way on the beach.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Panoramic Views
Best Time to Visit: July to August
Location: Sanur

17. Seminyak Beach

One of the most fashionable beaches of Bali, this place has a lot of fashion stores to satisfy the shopper in in you. From fanciful and luxury restaurants to boutique hotels, this place is full of food joints that serves amazing food. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the vast expanses of this beach are full of white sand as far as your eyes can see.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Panoramic Views | Shopping
Best Time to Visit: September to October
Location: Seminyak

16. Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach or the Black sand beach has a much relaxed atmosphere, unlike the other beaches of Bali. A beach away from the frenzied crowds, this place is perfect for having a relaxing time or a short stroll on the vast expanse. Though this place has very little attractions but one can definitely spend some quality time here. The sunset at Lovina beach is one mesmerizing sight, while one can even spot dolphins taking a nice dip in the crystal clear waters. With the open-air bars located on the beach itself, you can definitely catch up on some fun activities like diving, exploring the coral reefs, snorkeling and fishing.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Panoramic Views | Cafe | Adventure Activities
Best Time to Visit: May to August
Location: North Coast of Bali

15. The hidden Pasir Putih Beach

Hidden in a remote location, this beach has definitely gained a lot of popularity among the tourists these days. Located at a distance of approximately 4.5 km east of Candi Dasa, nearly 400 meters wide, this white sand beach is adorned with palm trees and beautiful bamboo warungs (translated: small family owned businesses). Nestled cozily off the main road in the village of Perasi, this beach is an ideal destination for all those who love relaxing amid the nature.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Panoramic Views | Relaxing
Location: Situbondo

14. Dream Beach in Nusa Lembongan

Located on the island of Nusa, Lembongan is a beach nothing less than a true paradise with white sand and crystal blue water reflecting the clean rays of the sun. With numerous sunbeds available for a good relaxation time, this beach is close to a nice resort. Well, all we can say is that this beach is a beauty with a superb stay nearby.

PS. The resort also has an infinity pool.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Panoramic Views
Best Time to Visit: May to September
Location: Nusa Lembongan

13. Yeh Leh

Well, just like the name is quite creative and distinct, this beach too is fairly unlike any of the other beaches at Bali. Possibility is that you might not even have heard this name before, that’s because it is not like a typical sandy beach. Adorned with thousands of boulders, big and small stones, washed by the waves or half covered in Algae, this beach is a marvel to be at. Smoothened over-time by the gushing waters, this beach carries its own charm. Make sure you visit this beach located in Jembrana during low tides to watch the glowing stones and the iconic sunset.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Panoramic Views
Location: Jembrana

12. Pura Tanah Lot

Pura means temple in Balenese. This temple is situated at about 20km northwest of Kuta. Surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean on three sides, this temple is perched atop a rocky islet. One of the most sacred temples of Bali, this temple was built in the beginning of 16th century. The visiting hours are 7am -7pm.

Pro Tip: Do not miss the sunset while you visit Pura Tanah Lot.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Pilgrims
Why go there: Religious Centre

11. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Another of the most popular and sacred temples of Bali is Pura ulun danu bratan. This iconic temple has found a special place in the Balinese currency notes. Also known as Bali temple on a lake, the temple appears to be floating when the water level in the lake rises. Located on the edge of Bratan Lake in Bedugul area, this temple is open from 6 in the morning till 6 in the evening.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Pilgrims
Why go there: Religious Centre
Location: Bedugul

10. Uluwatu Temple

Designed with great architecture and precision, this temple is approximately an hour away from Kuta. One amongst the key temples of Bali, this nine directional temple is perched on a clifftop which is 70 meters high. Translating the name Uluwatu, ‘Ulu’ means ‘land’s end’ and ‘watu’ means ‘a rock’.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Pilgrims
Why go there: Religious Center

9. Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave, this place is an archaeological site with historical value, located near Ubud in Indonesia. As the name suggests, this place is in the shape of an elephant and depicts mythological stories on its beautifully carved stones. You can even enjoy a shopping session or have a good meal nearby.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers | Pilgrims
Why go there: Caves | Religious Centre
Best Time to Visit: February to April

8. Ubud Monkey Forest

Mandala Suci Wenara Wana or Sacred monkey forest as it is known, this place is a sanctuary that serves as a natural habitat to long tailed monkeys. Spread across 27 acres of land, this place is also popularly known as Gunung Kawi shrine. A home to hundreds of monkeys, this place harbours 3 old temples.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Habitat | Religious Center

7. Mount Batur

Mount Batur harbours an active volcano and serves as a magnificient example of Bali’s natural beauty. Surrounded by clouds during the day, tourists, usually trek up to the mountain and by the evening enjoy a splendid sunset view.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Panoramic Views

6. Bali Safari and Marine Park Gianyar

Ever fantasized about waking up to a lion’s roar or the chirrups of birds? Well, Bali Safari and Marine Park brings your fantasy alive! With its majestic animals and clean curved pathways, this place promises to be a great picnic spot for your group. You can rest, eat a lot and play with the creatures to your hearts fill. A heaven for all the animal lovers, you’ll surely love this place for its whimsical aura and natural views.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Views | Close to Wildlife

5. Bali Bird Park

This ecospace located in Gianyar, Bali is an education as well as a fun bird park for the kids and adults alike. Experiencing a lot of footfall, this place is one amongst the major attractions of Gianyar Bali. Made with the aim to protect and conserve the endangered bird species, this place is a natural home to more than 5000 birds of different species. You can interact and play with the birds. Once done there’s a nice art restaurant and café that serves you food that you can surely drool over.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Natural Views | Bird Watching

4. Blanco Renaissance Museum

Perched atop a hill in Ubud, this place houses the various artworks of the renowned Philippine artist Don Antonio Blanco. A must visit for all the art lovers, this place owns a great collection of paintings, collages, illustrations and poetries all encased in artistic frames. Encircled by lush greenery, this place overlooks the beautiful valley of Campuhan. Also, you can even chill at the cozy café nearby and feast over a range of delectable cuisines.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Art Lovers
Why go there: Collection of Paintings

3. Ubud Art Market

A fine example of Balinese craftsmanship, Ubud Art market is a must visit for all the art lovers out there. With lots of wood statues, silk scarves and bags, handmade in the neighboring towns of Pengosekan, Tegallalang and Payangan, this place exhibits one of a kind workmanship. An interesting fact about this place is that it has been an attraction in the movie Eat, Pray,Love. Walk through the lanes of this market to explore the traditional craft of Bali and take home some nice souvenirs and mementos.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Nature Lovers
Why go there: Wood Art
Location: Ubud

2. Bali Fun World

Want do something thrilling in Bali? Do pay a visit at Bali fun world and you’ll love your time spent there. A perfect place for children, this indoor community has a ball pool which is one of the hot favorites amongst children. A 2000 sq meter indoor fun & entertainment center, this place also conducts games like air hockey, giant slide, rodeo bull ride, sumo wrestling, bungee trampoline and gladiator fight.

Ideal for: Family | Friends
Why go there: Having Fun | Gaming Zones

1. Dream Museum Zone

A house of 3D art, you definitely can’t leave the place without your mind getting tricked with every step you take inside. Such is the magic of illusion art at Dream Museum Zone. Immerse yourself in the world of dreams, from Egypt to Amazon you won’t be able to stop yourself from posing and clicking some amazing pictures. Explore this amazing museum located in Legian and have the time of your lives.

Ideal for: Family | Friends | Art Lovers
Why go there: 3D Art

How to reach Bali


Nearest Airport: Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport (13 km south of Denpasar)

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Hotels at Bali

Villa Sidemen | Kuta Lagoon Resort | Courtyard by Marriott

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Getting Around

  • Bemo: Bemos (minibus or vans) are essentially the local mode of transport at Bali. They can carry around 12 people at a time.
  • Taxi’s/ Car Rentals: You can hire a taxi or rent a car (with the option to drive it yourself) and off you go!

Cashkaro Recommends

You can definitely catch up with the local transport in Bali, but we’d suggest you to hire a bicycle to commute in and around Bali. One of the most cheapest and eco-friendly ways to travel, you get to view the life in Bali upclose.

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