The Kava Tea consists of herbal ingredients like kava root, cinnamon bark, ginger, carob and sarsaparilla. Kava is a small shrub (Piper methysticum) that comes from the southern Pacific islands. It is an important drink for the native people of these islands and has slowly spread to all over the world because of its claimed benefits.

Here are some bizarre facts and benefits of the Kava tea!

  • Kava tea or kava kava is traditionally served in coconut shells.
  • Kava kava is taken before many important traditions and rituals in southern Pacific islands.
  • Kava has several claimed benefits to its name, such as analgesic and anesthetic properties.
  • Kavalactones present in kava tea can help to ensure a healthy sleep pattern.
  • Kava tea also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Kava tea continues to be an important social drink in various south Pacific islands. Not only does it have various health benefits, it is also said to be an antidepressant and can lighten your mood up! It can be prepared using 2-3 cups of dried kava powder with 1 cup of water.

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