A day is 24 hours out of which roughly 6-7 hours are spent in deep slumber. In the remaining hours, what all you really do? Have you ever noticed you spend more time of your life with these things than your family?

Office Chair

office chair

It has heard more farts than the toilet seat

Staring at the Wall


Because a lot of inspiration comes from staring at the wall

Looking into the Mirror

Mirror-mirror on the wall, who is the most awesome of all?  *me of course*

With Your Smartphone

Believe it or not… *ping* O wait!

Surfing the Internet

Because the internet is a funny place


Let me shop and nobody gets hurt

In the Shower

Or where else would I take the important decisions of my life?

Day Dreaming

How I wish of this and how I wish of that *Oh I wish*


Every hair is supposed to shine like a diamond

Spend some time with your loved ones. I am sure they are pretty awesome people. 

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