While on one side we have regular working people who lament not finding enough time to exercise, we have on the other side super busy entrepreneurs who look fit as a fiddle.

If commitments and hectic schedule are what you blame for that couch potato look of yours, then it’s time you learn a thing or two from these fit entrepreneurs.

After all, a sound mind resides in a sound body.

1. Mukesh Bansal – Founder, Myntra

The Founder of online fashion retailer Myntra and Co-Founder of fitness startup CureFit is a huge fitness enthusiast himself. It is no wonder Mukesh Bansal begins his day early with a satisfactory workout routine.

I work out five to six times a week. I don’t enjoy a traditional gym since I feel old-fashioned bodybuilding is more for aesthetics

Mukesh Bansal Fitness
Image Credits: Cult Fitness, Bengaluru

Mukesh doesn’t believe in traditional bodybuilding workouts. Hence his training is a combination of MMA, running, yoga and other varying fitness formats. He trains for an hour and a half in the morning and is more focused on holistic fitness and good health.

2. Shashank ND – Co-Founder, Practo

The excitement of running a startup made Shashank forget about his health during the initial days. However, a rigorous schedule and inability to adapt to it made him take up fitness as his forte.

I cannot compromise on fitness, especially when I am running a health startup

Shashank Practo CEO
Shashank ND (second from right) seen with Milind Soman during an early morning run

The CEO of Practo is into squash and running to keep him fit and raring to go all day long. Some of his squash training mates include startup founders like Bhavish Aggarwal (Founder, Ola Cabs). The decision to bring in fitness has been life altering for Shashank. He has lost around 27 kilos and has completed 10k, 12k and a couple of half-marathon races.

3. Naveen Tewari – Founder, InMobi

The founder of mobile advertising and discovery platform, InMobi was advocated of a work-life balance right from childhood. A basketball player once, Naveen has taken up cycling and running to keep himself fit and strike a perfect balance with work.

I usually run for five km or go to the gym. I then have chai and play cricket with my son Avin

Naveen Tewari InMobi
Naveen Tewari on one of his routine cycling trips around Bangalore

After seeing off his daughter to school by 6:50 am, he begins his day with a cardio activity. Naveen works out for close to an hour and has oatmeal with dry fruits for breakfast before heading out to work.

4. Ankur Warikoo – Co-Founder, Nearbuy

A hip surgery followed by 3 months of complete bed rest and 5 months of walking with crutches made Ankur Warikoo realize the importance of a healthy physique. His date with fitness began then.

I work out in the gym from 6.15 to 7.45 for six days a week. While traveling, I stay in hotels with well-equipped gyms

Ankur Warikoo Fitness
Nearbuy CEO Ankur Warikoo flaunting his six-pack abs in a photo shoot

Ankur set his sights on a half marathon to be up and running after his surgery. He nailed that initial feat which motivated him to set the bar higher and go for a six-pack body. It took him one and a half years and 18 kgs of weight loss to achieve the desired look.

5. Richa Kar – Founder, Zivame

She is the founder of the most popular online lingerie store in India and one of the busiest women entrepreneurs around. That being said, she also knows how to combine work with play. Richa Kar has her time slot reserved for workouts in the evening after the day’s work.

I do a variety of activities, which helps keep my mind agile. I used to swim, run and workout in the gym at least four days a week

Zivame Founder
Richa Kar as featured on the Fortune India Magazine

Of late she has started to learn mixed martial arts. Richa is training in boxing and Muay Thai for at least three hours every week.

6. Swati and Rohan Bhargava – Founders, CashKaro.com

The founders of the largest cashback website in India love keeping their customers happy. But that doesn’t come in the way of a healthy well-being. Swati Bhargava found her refuge in Yoga and Pranayama when she was going through a relentless cycle of work and partying with Goldmann Sachs.

Whether it’s yoga or meditation or the treadmill, the underlying purpose is the same — to bring in positivity into your life

Rohan and Swati Workout
Rohan and Swati Bhargava during one of their routine morning runs

While Swati combines exercise hour with visualization and imagining her life, Rohan sticks to an hour and a half of intense workout at the gym for at least 4 times a week. He says that working out has had a direct correlation towards concentration levels at work and believes that fitness fuels positivity.

With entrepreneurs managing super amazing workouts in midst of a really tight daily schedule, there should be no reason why you can’t take little time out for your body and mind.

It’s time to go hit the gym!

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