Zero Power Eyeglasses From Lenskart

All of us millennials are a captive of one screen or the other. Whether it’s a 9-hr desk job or constant use of smartphones, screens are an unavoidable part of our lives today. But staring at these screens for hours together will have its negative impacts sooner or later. The damage is inevitable, and we simply need to protect our eyes from strain and power issues.

Taking screens out of the equation is also not an easy task either. But we have a simple solution for you – Zero power eyeglasses. These protective eyeglasses will prevent our eyes from most harmful effects of phone and PC screens.

What are zero power eyeglasses?

Simple – eyeglasses with no power. Zero power eyeglasses are plain glasses with no Rx power. They are unlike prescribed lenses used by people with power difference in either or both of their eyes, and simply do the job of protecting the eyes without powered lenses.

Then why should I use them?

  • These simple glasses are generally used for the protection of your eyes. You can sport a pair and protect your eyes from dust and dirt that may enter in, especially if you use two-wheeler vehicles or spend a great deal of time outdoors.
  • It can also protect you from harsh UV rays and glare from screens if coated with anti-glare or polarised film.
  • Lenskart offers zero power glasses with BLU lenses that filter harmful rays from phone screens and PC screens. You can Get Vincent Chase Blu Zero Power Computer Eyeglasses starting from ?1,500 with Lenskart coupons.
  • They make great style statements as well. In fact, these are also used by people who wish to sport an eyeglass simply for the look of it. Eyeglasses can make you look smart while giving your eyes the necessary protection as well. You can choose a trendy frame from Lenskart that goes well with your face shape and instantly get a look change.

What are the features of Lenskart Zero Power Eyeglasses?

Lenskart Zero Power Eyeglasses from Vincent Chase are available in over 14 colours and 375 styles! Check out the top features:

  • Fitted with Lenskart BLU lens that filters rays from smartphone/PC
  • Blocks 98% of harmful rays
  • Available in small, medium and large sizes
  • Available in different frame materials and shapes
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Additional Lenskart offers/promo codes for cheaper rates

What are the criteria for using a zero power glass? Do I need a doctor’s recommendation to purchase one?

Zero power eyeglasses can be used by anyone whose uses phones or PC for long durations. You do not need a prescription to purchase them. They are completely safe to use and can be used by people of any age group. All the same, it is advisable to get a check-up done by a certified ophthalmologist at regular intervals to ensure you have no power differences.

At Lenskart, you can get your zero power glasses at very economic rates! With Lenskart coupons for Vincent Chase Eyeglasses from CashKaro, get two eyeglasses for just ?999.

So grab your Zero Power eyeglasses today!

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