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Zomato is India’s leading online food ordering and delivery platform that has made the life of millions of customers more comfortable. It lets customers order their favourite dishes from their favourite restaurants from wherever they are and enjoy delicacies which are delivered at their doorsteps. What makes it even more worthwhile are the Zomato offers and Zomato coupons. These enable customers to order food from the top restaurants at the most reasonable prices.

In a recent study by Zomato, it was found that approximately 90% of users preferred to eat from a place that has transparent and good hygiene standards. Despite this fact, they did not have an appropriate or trusted source that would inform them whethera the restaurant they are ordering from is hygienic and follows the prescribed hygiene standards to ensure the wellbeing of its customers.

To grant customers this reliable source of ensuring a restaurant’s hygiene standards, Zomato introduced the food hygiene ratings.

This rating system will grant customers all the necessary information about a restaurant’s hygiene practices and help them to make better decisions about where to eat from. Appearances alone do not depict how well restaurants have followed the hygiene norms. Hence, these ratings are meant to give customers an idea about what is going on behind closed doors in the kitchen.

Here are what the different hygiene ratings on Zomato mean:

  • Excellent – The restaurant follows the best hygiene practices.
  • Very good – The restaurant follows very good hygiene practices with minor drawbacks that need to be checked.
  • Good – The restaurant follows good hygiene standards. However, certain non-critical areas need attention.
  • Unsatisfactory or poor – The restaurant does not follow even satisfactory standards hygiene and must improve its practices.

This hygiene rating system really matters and can be of real help for customers.

The hygiene rating system by Zomato can assure customers regarding whether vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items are being handled separately and correctly, whether the restaurants maintain highest levels of cleanliness, whether food items are protected from contaminating elements, whether fresh and recent ingredients are being used and so much more. These attributes are crucial for the wellbeing of all consumers and can help them continue to lead healthy lives.

It is also depictive of the restaurant’s practices in general. If they care about the quality of food they put out and such. Zomato, for the use of their customers, does a sweep of their partner restaurants and determines the safety and hygiene standards. Zomato is trustworthy and completely unbiased in their rating systems. Use Zomato promo codes and Zomato coupons to save on your orders from your favourite, most hygienic restaurants.

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