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Eureka Forbes has always been known to put customers at the centre of their business, and thus, it has been consistently expanding its ways of reaching out to them to cater to their needs and aspirations. In a similar endeavor, this company has introduced direct selling in India and pioneered the water and air purification systems, Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaners, and security systems. Its range of water purification and home cleaning products are offered though a network that has spread to encompass more than 15,000 dealers in over 100 cities and towns all over India.

There are a wide range of Eureka Forbes water purifiers that have been touted as the best in India. These water purifiers remove contaminants while retaining the essential minerals in the water. This will prevent any waterborne diseases such as jaundice, cholera, typhoid, etc. thus keeping you and your loved ones safe. With its mineral cartridge, biotron cartridge, HD filter, and HCCB Cartridge, you can eliminate new age contaminants like lead, pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemicals as well as inorganic impurities. There are many varieties of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard with different specifications, features, technology, and so on. These water purifiers combines the power of RO, UV, and Mineral Guard technology, and these have been designed to effectively purify water from many sources – municipal, borewell and tanker. Apart from water purifiers, check out other kitchen appliances online from Eureka Forbes that will make your life healthier and happier.

Aquaguard RO Water Purifiers Price List India: (50% Off Offers) | Lowest Price, 2019

Aquaguard Models Aquaguard Price & Offers Cashback (Rs.)
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Reviva NXT 8.5 RO + UV Water Purifier Rs. 11619 697
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb 6.5L RO Water Purifier Rs. 12331 740
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Magna HD 7L RO Water Purifier Rs. 16738 1004
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Magna HD 7L RO Water Purifier Rs. 16490 989
Aquaguard Enhance UV+UF(White & Grey) Rs. 12849 771

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Check out Aquaguard RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier price list online

The trendy water purifiers from Eureka Forbes bring together the best of technology and expertise to offer a wide range of products that promise utmost purity and supreme quality. The Universal Water Purifiers will let you set the taste of water with RO, UV, and UF with Auto Mineral Modulator. Some of these models of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard are designed to effectively purify water from bore-wells which have high TDS levels giving it a salty taste. Further, these UV water purifiers also purify water supplied by Municipal Corporations which is drawn from lakes, rivers, etc. You can also buy Eureka Forbes water purifier with built-in pumps which have been specially designed for areas with no running water.

Aquasure is a range of smart electric and non-electric water purifiers. The electric water purifiers incorporate advanced purification technology which destroys harmful bacteria and virus. On the other hand, Aquasure’s non-electric water purifiers are backed by latest technological innovations to protect your family’s health against water borne diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and cysts. It has been designed keeping in mind the requirements to provide safe drinking water. Alternately, you can also check out Voltas Water Purifier online price with ease.

RO water purifiers from Aquaguard find the most number of takers as following the Reverse Osmosis technology, it passes water through the pump to increase water pressure and then pass that pressurized water through RO membrane. During this process, the dissolved solids and TDS present in water are eliminated. These water purifiers convert hard water to soft water. Aquaguard RO purifiers offer a higher level of filtration than UF and UV, but whether this enhanced filtration capability is really necessary depends on the quality of drinking water supplied to a particular house or office, and that should be the sole criteria for choosing the type of purifier one should go for. Many customers also prefer checking out the Whirlpool Water Purifier price in India.

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