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MINDS Foundation

What is the MINDS Foundation?

Did you know the World Health Organization predicts that 20% of India’s population will suffer from some form of mental illness by the year 2020? Yet, in India, there is only one psychiatrist per 3,00,000 people. Barely 1-2% of the health budget is dedicated to mental health, in comparison to 10 to 12% in other countries. Have you ever felt or heard about the pain of a mental ill patient and their families? This is where MINDS steps in.

The MINDS Foundation is striving to bring high quality, cost effective mental healthcare to every corner of rural India. We believe every person deserves access to quality mental healthcare. At MINDS, we focus on implementing a cloud-based mobile health platform to effectively provide mental healthcare to rural populations by connecting them with the existing healthcare system. Additionally, we work to develop evidence-backed capacity building programs to strengthen and educate community members, health workers, schoolteachers, and practitioners to create long-term healthcare systems strengthening.

Learn more at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEUBiEeE07s

Why donate cashback to MINDS?

Do your bit for mentally ill by donating your cash back to us. Your generous funds will go directly to communities in our target geographies to fund: educational workshops aimed at eliminating stigma, transportation to hospitals, treatment and medicinal costs, and the training and employment of community mental health workers. Join us in changing lives!

A glimpse of Impact on Patient’s Lives

I can positively affect others
Pictured is Shankar’s (name changed) wife, son and mother. Shankar spent two years abusing alcohol and tobacco with his father, which also affected their family. His mother smiled when recounting his improvement after joining the MINDS Foundation. Perhaps Shankar’s story will help his father recover as he watches his son’s condition improve.

I have doctors that listen
Lata (name changed) was ten years old when her friends began ignoring her. She rarely spoke, and soon became unable to function in society. Her parents sought many faith healers. Dhiraj was the first hospital Lata’s family sought medical treatment from. The medication came with side effects; Lata was unable to hold onto things. They were prescribed medication to relieve some symptoms, after she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Since the interview, the family plans to return to the hospital to explain the side effects and hopefully get an alteration in medication. The MINDS Foundation doctors gained their trust, and now they understand that the doctors will listen.

I am glad I learned about mental illness
Nazia’s (name changed) symptoms began 25 years ago, when she faced many life changes. She married at around the same time her parents passed away. She experienced running thoughts, a quick temper, and a loss of appetite. In response to these changes, she went on a pilgrimage to a holy Muslim site and found relief. At this time, Nazia had no awareness of the concept of mental illness.

Her recent illness seemed to begin with high blood pressure two years ago. Because of this she stopped working around the house, and after a while sought hospital treatment. Her physical ailment went away, but after seeing a presentation by a MINDS social worker she decided she wanted to seek full treatment.

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