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Great Offers On Laundry Only On Aapkadhobi.com

One of the major problems that most people working is daily laundry. If your job involves lots of travelling to other cities then your life is even more miserable as far as laundry is concerned. You waste your precious weekends washing heaps of clothes and getting them ironed. These are the same problems that a group of qualified professionals faced and so they came up with the unique concept of Aapkadhobi.com.

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This revolutionary store works on 3 simple steps. They are 1. Click, 2. Clean and 3. Delivered in just 2 days. The best part is that you can get ample free time for other useful activities as they take care of washing your clothes. You can avail to some of the best Aapkadhobi offers and aapkadhobi deals when you select us for washing your clothes. They are here to serve you and hence they give the best services at reasonable rates. All you need to do is schedule a wash with them for getting your clothes cleaned. They will ensure that they pick up the clothes and deliver it to you well within the stipulated time.

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Scheduling the washing of your clothes is just like shopping online from aapkadhobi. You can enter the details like the place of pick up, time of pick up and your contact details. If you have a aapkadhobi coupon code then enter it so that you can get benefits in terms of discounts. Currently they are operational in Bangalore. By using these services you are saving time and as we known time is money. The services are offered at nominal rates.

The Giving Back Scheme Aapkadhobi is more valuable than discounts

They also have the aapkadhobi giving back scheme. Here they have partnered with NGO’s in Bangalore. Patrons can donate their old and new clothes to the downtrodden and needy and the less fortunate people. The main objective of Giving Back Scheme is that needy are provided with good clothing so that they can live in dignity. This noble task is definitely much better than ant aapkadhobi sale . So come and be a part of this gracious cause. So this store is not just about getting your clothes washed it also works towards giving a better life to the less fortunate.

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Dirty linen is no longer a cause of worry thanks to the aapkadhobi initiative. Your dhobi will be at your doorstep at the click of a button and you can have your cleaned clothes delivered at your doorstep.

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