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Baxi Offers for Discounts and Cashback on Bike Rides

In the fast-paced world we are living in, almost every minute counts. It is of utmost importance to save precious time spent on activities of less importance and save it for better use. One of the most common things most of us waste time in, is travelling to and from workplaces. Especially when you don’t own a vehicle, things become a little harder. Public transportation is the only option and sometimes you have no control over the crowd and slow moving vehicle. In such cases, it pays to take a cab and drive fast to your destination. However, this is not possible on a daily basis. So, what do you do?

The solution is simple. Take a bike taxi to evade traffic and reach your destination fast. Above all, the cost of taking a bike taxi falls within your budget. Baxi is a reliable bike taxi service to consider for your commutation in and around Delhi-NCR. Baxi offers customers exciting discounts on rides to make the whole process of booking and riding an absolute pleasure. There are cashback deals on a regular basis to sweeten the entire ride booking experience. Grab the top travel offers for the best discounts across cab and bike booking services.

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New User Sign Up Offer Rs 50 Bonus July 31, 2017
Latest Deals On Baxi Rs 50 Bonus July 31, 2017
Book a bike taxi Starting at Rs 15 July 31, 2017
Valid Till 42978 July 31, 2017

Baxi Taxi Coupons for Bike Ride Discounts

Your last mile commutation problem comes to an end with Baxi. The bike taxi service which is available Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad is an officially licensed motorcycle service in India. All one has to do is download the Baxi app from Google Play to book a bike ride for an amazing experience. There are many benefits of picking Baxi over other similar ride services around the city. There is a standard kit that comes for Baxi customers which include a hairnet and helmet for riding and a wet face wipe after the ride ends. The drivers of the bike are all certified and there is a SOS number in case of any emergency. Make use of Baxi Gurgaon offer to get discounts and cashback on rides around Gurgaon. The cost-effective bike service will soon be your preferred way of commuting short and long distance within the city.

Baxi Wallet Offers to Avail Extra Cashback

There are different modes of payment for rides taken on Baxi. This includes payment through cash after the end of a ride and the option to pay through the digital wallet of Baxi. There are exciting cashback offers on adding money to the Baxi wallet which can be availed for extra free rides on Baxi. Baxi Faridabad offers can be availed for rides in Faridabad. You can also check out additional cashback from the leading cashback sites like The wallet payment mode is convenient if you don’t have the exact charge for the ride taken. For cab rides within the city and for short hails, use GetMeCab coupons and grab the latest deals to ride around your city.

Ride Safe and Fast with Baxi the Bike Taxi

Your destination can be reached in the shortest possible time when you take a bike ride on Baxi. The service can be availed with discounts and offers to make the whole ride enjoyable and light on pocket. Though in the past, you might have used car rental offers to commute in your city, with the arrival of bikes, your job is easier and much faster. Bikes can evade the harshest of traffic jams and help you reach your destination. If you thought that Baxi was the only option you had, then think again. One of the largest taxi service providers in India, Ola has launched Ola Bikes which can be booked through the app. Make use of Ola cabs coupons to get exciting offers on bike rides around your city. Commutation problem is a thing of the past with all these amazing bike taxi services. It’s time to zip to your destination safe in the fastest possible time with bike taxis.

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