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Doormint Coupon & Offer

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About Doormint

DoorMint is a doorstep laundry service providing affordable laundry cleaning at the convenience of customers. With a few clicks on the DoorMint app, one can easily book a laundry pick up to happen at the doorstep of the customer. There are different price packs for the services offered by the company which are affordable and meets the needs of the user. The packs for laundry cleaning start as low as Rs 299. The customer can book a convenient pick up time according to his/her needs and also pick a time slot for the delivery of the laundry. You can track your booking and check where your laundry is at, in every step. Visit DoorMint store on to get additional discounts to your laundry booking.

Ease Your Laundry tasks with Doormint coupons!

In this jampacked life, nobody has a lot of time on his plate to enjoy some calm moments with his spouse or family. In many families, both the husband and wife work and therein, it becomes really difficult to strike a balance between house chores and office tasks. Talking about laundry, it is something that has to be performed every day. You cannot go to office or institution in dirty or stinking clothes. In such instances, the best thing you can do is just grab Doormint coupons for your house. These coupons will fetch you amazing laundry services. Yes, you can avail professional laundry experts for all your washing tasks. All you need to do is, just grab the coupons from CashKaro and you are on the go!

A single Doormint coupon code can change your life

If you have a Doormint coupon code, you can make use of exciting laundry packages for your family. The beauty of these laundry packages is that you need not take a headache about your laundry endeavours, and the experts will cater you fresh and vibrant clothes every day. No matter how dirty your suit or tee-shirt is, you can get the desired cleanness?

Try out Doormint cashback offers

Doormint offers do not just mean amazing laundry packages, but you also get the cashback too. Many times, people say that they bought a designer dress, but it lost its shade in just a few weeks. Well, in such instances, it is better to check out your laundry ways than to raise a finger on brand or quality of the shirt. Once your dresses are in the hands of professionals, they will always remain fresh and intact. It is because they would use the washing techniques, which are important for a particular fabric. Their ways of washing different dresses are different.

Moreover, it is also true that a Doormint promo code can give you peace of mind. Yes, once you have professionals doing laundry for you, you will be free from daily laundry tasks. There won’t be any laundry headaches. So, don’t think about money when you have codes, coupons and offers right in front of you.

The bottom line is that your health is important, and if you want to preserve your health, you should take rest. Let the laundry be taken care of by the experts! Their ways, machines, and techniques are much enhanced.

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