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About Petoo

Petoo is one of the food ordering services that is growing popular with every single day. You can visit the official website and order yummy and tasty foods with discounts and great deals. The online ordering service was started by four foodies who love foods and wanted the general public to experience the best tastes from the comfort of their place. The foods that are prepared for delivery to customers are of high quality and prepared in ideal conditions. Veg and non-veg dishes are made in separate places to ensure that the customer gets the best taste. Petoo coupon codes can be made use of either on the Petoo app or on the desktop website to avail discount on orders. Visit Petoo store on to save more as cashback on top of every purchase.

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Finding the right Petoo coupon code for your needs

There is huge demand for Petoo in Bangalore since it is one of the most unique food brands to have come up in the Garden City in recent times. It is also expanding its presence to other Indian cities. The flood of heartwarming Petoo reviews stand testimony to the popularity of Petoo restaurants and of course, its lip smacking offerings. Petoo the brand is all about the special stories built around great food which linger around for years and are treasured as possessively as family heirlooms. The brand was founded by four food lovers with a common vision and mission to make Indian food more accessible for people. All four founders had considerable experience of working in the online food ordering industry and aimed at setting up something which was inherently different.

The name was chosen since all four founders were huge foodies and loved Indian food with all its spices and delectable flavors! The core vision behind petoo online was that India has so much variety when it comes to indigenous cuisine and there are several pop and mom restaurants that offer the same in most cases. However, there is a pressing lack of big food brands like McDonald’s that offer hugely popular Indian cuisines including dal Chawal and the like. The attempt to integrate Indian food (some would say comfort food) with a branded chain is what led to the birth of Petoo.

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Get amazing petoo offers on mouthwatering Indian delights

Petoo believes in keeping things reasonable. You will always find a plethora of Petoo first order coupons and offers all over the internet. Petoo food has managed to create its own niche, particularly in terms of taste and packaging. The brand started out by comparing pizza with an Indian delicacy like Biryani. Pizza, as most of us know, is often the first choice when it comes to office meetings and get-togethers alike. There is a major reason behind this, including the fact that pizza is packaged very well and the boxes can be moved around and disposed very easily. Additionally, it does not create a mess like regular Indian dishes.

Petoo, on the other hand, aims at making it possible to order fabulous Indian food for meetings and enjoying the same without worrying about bad packaging, a potential mess and disposal. Indian food is made more accessible and convenient to consume in neatly packed boxes. Petoo aims at offering fabulous experiences in tandem with its food. Technological expertise is the major USP here in tandem with innovation and fantastic capabilities in terms of inventory management and predicting possible orders. Food delivery is highly efficient and hassle free. Every Petoo order online can be easily tracked post it being placed and there will be timely and accurate updates given to you as to how soon the food will arrive at your doorstep. Petoo food vouchers can also be purchased at discounted prices using Nearbuy deals. Check the Nearbuy website for exciting food and restaurant offers to grab big discounts on food vouchers.

Online food ordering with attractive discounts

Petoo works with four basic steps. Customers have to download the Android app for future ordering or place their orders at The location has to be selected or typed in the search box. You can also use the map to locate yourself without any hassles. The menu can then be viewed and you can select the dishes you want. You can then choose payment either by card or cash. The order is then delivered with periodic updates and continual tracking. Some of the specialties here include the famous Petoo paratha and Petoo Biryani. Banarasi Quick Bites is a popular pick as well in addition to the Paneer & Murgh Platters. There is the Gulab Jamun Box and the Awadhi Petoo Box. There is nothing that comes close to tea and coffee when it comes to beverages. Grab a steamy hot cup of your favorite beverage when availing Cafe Coffee Day coupons at CCD outlets in your city and outside. Save more and grab more exclusives at the outlets.

If you are looking for sinfully pleasurable indulgence, try the Patiala Petoo Box or the Hyderabadi Biryani on offer along with the Petoo paneer Biryani. There are 10 outlets in Bangalore at present with plans for more franchises. The first location was HSR Layout and there is a centralized kitchen now which is a hub for orders and the stores are distribution points for the same. There is an effort to ensure delivery within 20 minutes. There are several Warehouse Cafe Deals and other nearbuy deals offered on Petoo meals by noted online restaurant aggregators. The brand is looking to ramp up its Petoo Hyderabad and Petoo Chennai networks along with setting up shop in cities like Mumbai and Pune. gives you the best food cashback offers online is your one stop shop for the most exclusive and fulfilling cashback offers on food. The best coupons site in the country, it assembles all special offers and discounts on Petoo dishes along with extra cashback on top of the same! This makes it a unique proposition for food lovers thanks to the alluring prices on offer here!

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