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Way to Shave Offers: Razors starting at Rs 99 + Free Shipping


Way to Shave Coupons & Offers

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Way to Shave Razors: Starting at Rs 99Hide Details

  • The Twin (Two Blade Razor): Free Handle + 5 Cartridges at Rs 99
  • The Omega 3 (Three Blade Razor): Free Handle + 4 Cartridges at Rs 399
  • One for the Ladies (Three Blade Razor): Free Handle + 4 Cartridges at Rs 399
  • The Boss (Five Blades + Trimmer Edge): Free Handle + 4 Cartridges at Rs 599
  • The Double Edge (Double Edge Blades): Razor Handle + 20 Free Blades at Rs 999
  • Delivery Charges: Free Shipping
Expires in 8 days

Way to Shave Blade Refills: Starting at Rs 99 + Free ShippingSee Details

  • The Twin (Two Blade Razor): 5 Cartridges at Rs 99
  • The Omega 3 (Three Blade Razor): 4 Cartridges at Rs 299
  • One for the Ladies (Three Blade Razor): 4 Cartridges at Rs 299
  • The Boss (Five Blades + Trimmer Edge): 4 Cartridges at Rs 499
  • The Double Edge (Double Edge Blades): 30 Blades at Rs 499
  • Delivery Charges: Free Shipping
Expires in 2 days

About Way to Shave

Want high-quality and comfortable shaving kits, razors, etc.? Well, you can get it all from WayToShave only. This is an exclusive place where you can get various types of razors and blades at your door on time and more. You can even subscribe for their shave plans for automated delivery of fresh blades at discounted prices. All the razors have a specialty to them, and they can be used for different purposes. They have razors like the Boss, Ladies Razor, Double Edge One, Omega 3, Twin and more. You can opt for WayToShave coupons through CashKaro if you want discounts and cashback deals. Their ladies razor has many benefits to it and gives the closest shave ever on the legs, arms, and other body portions. It suits all skin types and works wonders for a long time. So, what are you waiting for? Get excellent shaving products at unbeatable prices from WayToShave only and pamper your skin.

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Way to Shave Offers and Best Coupons of The Day | March 2018

CategoryWay to Shave OffersValid Till/Expiry
The Twin (Two Blade Razor)Buy at Rs 99Feb, 2018
The Omega 3 (Three Blade Razor)Buy at Rs 399Feb, 2018
One for the Ladies (Three Blade Razor)Buy at Rs 399Feb, 2018
The Boss (Five Blades + Trimmer Edge)Buy at Rs 599Feb, 2018
The Double Edge (Double Edge Blades)Buy at Rs 999Feb, 2018

Waytoshave coupons for you

Are you looking for razor blades of fine quality? Then you are at the right place. Waytoshave has exclusive razors and blades for a comfortable shaving experience. You don’t have to visit the nearest salon for your facial shaving. Now you can do it at home. All you need to do is use Waytoshave coupons via CashKaro and order any type of razor or blade you wish to. You can choose from products like The Boss, Omega 3, Double Edge, The Twin, Shave Plans, Blade Refills, and a lot more. Enjoy a one stroke shave using any of their products, without experiencing any scratches or bruises. Don’t have a good shave, have an awesome one instead by using Waytoshave products, and getting discounts on those products by using Waytoshave coupon code via CashKaro.

Why use Waytoshave cashback?

Because when you shop using Waytoshave cashback via CashKaro, you get to save a part of the total MRP on every purchase. You will not get a discount on a razor or blade when you shop it from a retailer. But when you order here, you enjoy additional discounts. Also, these imported blades will not be available at the store nearest to you and can be ordered only online.

The trimmer blade is for precise shaving in the most difficult and tricky areas. The specially designed holes are for quick and easy cleaning. The blade is covered with vitamin lubrication and Aloe vera to protect and moisturise your skin. You can place an order for 5 of these powerful, durable, and sharp stainless steel made in USA blades, which are platinum coated for cutting edge and for a one stroke shave. In the razor, you will also find smart design push button for easy removal and change of blade cartridge. Ergonomically designed handle, with precision metal alloy fits better in your hand and offers fantastic shaving experience along with a much better control.

Waytoshave offers waiting for you

So now that you know few of the many benefits of using razors and blades from Waytoshave, place your first order right away. Avail Waytoshave offers via CashKaro to enjoy some amazing discounts while shopping and receive the product right to your doorstep.

When shopping for made in abroad product is so easy, and also getting discounts on the same, there is no reason why you should not shop from Waytoshave – your one stop destination for all shaving products. Quick, place your first order before offers expire.

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