10 Best Watch Brands for Women

A watch is one of the most essential pieces of the outfit. Be it for men or for women, watches play a major role in amplifying the overall look of a dress. While most women love wearing cutesy watches, they are often confused as to which watch brand they should go for? Check out this list of top brands of watches for women and choose one according to your style.

10 Best Watch Brands for Women

1. Fossil

An American watch and lifestyle brand, Fossil offers some of the best watches for women. An amalgam of Vintage craftsmanship with the contemporary styles, Fossil focuses on offering the wearer higher quality watches along with eye-catching designs. Made from the best-in-class material, these watches showcase a truly feminine appeal and can be used as a daily wear accessory too.


Rs. 4122 onwards

2. Michael Kors

Known worldwide as a luxury brand, Michael Kors is the designer of some of the best-in-class premium accessories for men and women. Offering quintessential designs of amazingly crafted timepieces, Michael Kors is often renowned as one of the best brands for women’s watches. Bringing to the front an inborn sense of glamour, Michael Kors renders suave appeal to the woman who wears it.Here You Can Also Check:- Best Headphone Brands

Michael Kors

Rs. 7092 onwards

3. Giordano

Based in Hong Kong, Giordano is an international retailer of premium accessories for both men and women. Offering an exquisite collection of beautiful luxury watches, the brand lays its precision on the quality of the timepiece, just like the fragile nature of a woman. Widely available as the most stylish, coy and elegant brand, Giordano has some of the most affordable luxury timepieces to offer to the fashionistas.


Rs. 1466 onwards

4. Guess

An American brand of clothing, GUESS is one of the best watch brands in India for women and men. With the intricate charm and the extraordinary appearance of its amazing timepieces, GUESS aims at fulfilling the needs of the ones with suave personality. Offering an exclusive collection of iconic signature and trendy timepieces, GUESS delivers the wearer some of the most dynamic and stylish wristwatches, that are unique in design and colour. Ideal to be worn on formal occasions, watches by Guess are available in different material along with features like glow in the dark, calendar and reset time.


Rs. 3300 onwards

5. Chumbak

A collection of quirky and trendy designs, Chumbak is an Indian clothing and accessories brand. For a girl of boho taste, Chumbak offers a variety of cutesy timepieces that she could wear to complement her trendy look. Bringing to front some of the loveliest designs of wristwatches, Chumbak is sure to make you fall in love with your trendy avatar again.


Rs. 897 onwards

6. Hugo Boss

A German luxury fashion house known for its elegant timepieces, Hugo Boss has always been one of the top brands of watches for women and men. A manufacturer of intricate and delicately carved wristwatch designs, Hugo Boss is an amalgam of two core brands Hugo and Boss that deal in various collections of premium clothing and accessories for men and women. A brand symbolizing strength, Hugo Boss is the ideal brand for those who are strong, confident and independent.

Hugo Boss

Rs. 21250 onwards

7. Timex

An American luxury watches company, Timex offers some of the most marvelous wristwatches. A symbol of elegance and trend, simplicity and modernity, Timex markets some of the most creative pieces of wristwatches that are sure to lure your heart away into buying one. Available in different dial shapes and strap material, Timex watches also feature a unique designer dial background and are available in analog and chronograph variants. One of the best watch brands for women, Timex also serves some of the best designs of iconic timepieces for the dapper wearer.


Rs. 1100 onwards

8. Titan

Known as one of the best brands for watches in India, Titan offers some cutesy styles of metallic and non-metallic watches for women. Offering a watch for every occasion, Titan specializes in providing a quality product at affordable prices. Available in different shapes and fancy strap designs, these elegant pieces by Titan feature sophisticated designs for a stylish lady. Bringing in the market the quartz technology with an international appeal, Titan has successfully brought a standard shift in the watch market.


Rs. 1495 onwards

9. Maxima

A brand that offers low priced watches that are high on quality, Maxima is generally known for its water-proof contemporary watch designs. Offering a range of collections, that suit the active, adventure and feminine personality types, Maxima brings to the market some of the trendiest products that are sure to grab anyone’s attention. From hybrid watches to digital and analogs, you’ll get them all here.


Rs. 679 onwards

10. Sonata

One of the top selling brands by Titan, Sonata is often the first choice of anyone when it comes to affordable, beautiful and quality fashion accessories. Offering a feminine appeal to all its watches for women, sonata watches come with a sleek strap and corresponding dial. Available in various cutesy colours, fabrics and materials, Sonata watches are the perfect add-ons to a woman’s bling collection.


Rs. 435 onwards

**Disclaimer: The mentioned price of the respective product is variable and subject to change.

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