10 Best Face Wash For Dry Skin In India

Is your skin dry, patchy or itchy? Harmful chemicals and pollution make the skin lose its moisture and gets dehydrated easily. Rough and stretchy skin can make you feel utterly uncomfortable and would lead to dullness and loss of health. With the use of right skin care face wash for dry skin, you can keep its moisture content intact while keeping it clean. Bring back the lost glow to your skin with these face washes for dry skin.

10 Best Face Wash For Dry Skin In India

1. Himalaya Herbals Gentle Hydrating Face Wash

Himalaya-Herbals-Gentle-Hydrating-Face-WashHimalaya Herbals Gentle Hydrating Face Wash has a cream-based formula that contains Aloe Vera and cucumber as the key ingredients, ideal for dry skin. The face wash removes all the dirt and impurities from your skin leaving it soft, smooth and supple. The face wash renders cool and refreshed skin after each application.

2. Patanjali Neem Aloe Vera Face Wash

Patanjali-Neem-Aloe-Vera-Face-WashPatanjali Neem Aloe Vera Face Wash for Dry Skin contains Aloe Vera and neem as key ingredients which relieve your skin from dryness as well as from other skin issues like acne, pimples and cracks. It is a gel-based formula that helps revitalize your skin tissues and maintain a healthy glow. It removes excess oil and nourishes your skin with essential vitamins and minerals. It is the best face wash for dry skin in winter. It also removes dark spots and blemishes caused due to acne.

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3. Lakme Gentle and Soft Deep Pore Face Wash

Lakme-Gentle-and-Soft-Deep-Pore-Face-WashLakme Gentle and Soft Deep Pore Face Wash works as the perfect face wash for dry skin. It is enriched with Vitamin E and avocado extracts that nourish your skin and detoxify it from impurities. It works as a cleanser and a face wash with which you can remove makeup or use it as a regular face wash. Lakme offers a range of face washes that works as the best moisturizing face wash for dry skin.

4. Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash

Clean-and-Clear-Foaming-Face-WashClean and Clear Foaming Face Wash contains rich foam, liquid formula and glycerin that help make your skin smooth and supple. It deep cleans your skin, unclogs pores and brings back its lost shine. Its foaming formula relives you from the acne breakouts and the pain caused by it. The face wash contains ingredients that are enriched with essential oils to soothe any irritation experienced by dry skin. It works as the best face wash for dry skin in summers as it also controls excess oil production.

5. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree and Cinnamon Anti Acne Face Wash


Lotus Herbals Tea Tree and Cinnamon Anti Acne Face Wash consists of tea tree oil, cinnamon and oak bark that has powerful anti-microbial, anti-acne, anti-oxidants and infection-fighting properties. It not only keeps your skin moisturized for long hours but also rejuvenates your skin. It is made up of natural ingredients and hence, it can serve as a natural face wash for dry skin.

6. Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing Face Wash

Nivea-Aqua-Effect-Refreshing-Face-WashNivea Aqua Effect Refreshing Face Wash contains Hydra IQ Gel, Vitamin E and deep pore cleansing agents that keep any infections and other skin problems away. It keeps your skin moisturized and is extremely light textured that does not make your skin oily. The pleasant fragrance of the face wash is another icing on the cake. There are face washes from this brand that are meant to nourish men’s dry skin that you can choose if you are looking for one.

7. Neutrogena Face Wash

Neutrogena-Face-WashNeutrogena Liquid Pure Mild Face Wash for dry skin is a non-medical face wash that makes the skin feel soft and relaxed. It contains glycerin and salicylic acid that removes dirt and dead cells from your skin. The face wash is dermatologically tested to provide gentle and smooth skin. It has a neutral fragrance. Its gel-based formula works as an ideal face wash for dry skin men as well.

8. Oriflame Love Nature Oat Face Wash

Oriflame-Love-Nature-Oat-Face-WashOriflame Love Nature Oat Face Wash for dry skin is infused with natural oat extract, glycerin, sodium chloride, sorbic acid and citric acid. It is a mild face wash that helps heal dry skin and gently deep cleans your skin without disturbing its pH balance. It helps to retain the natural oils as well. It is the best face wash for extremely dry skin. The face wash also helps in blackhead removal I by gently exfoliating dead skin cells.

9. Garnier Face Wash

Garnier-Face-WashGarnier Intense Face Wash is the first icy gel facewash made for men’s skin and is enriched for ginseng and green tea extracts. It removes pollutants and dirt for energized and fresh-looking skin. Men can apply it daily on their skin to remove dirt from your face. Its strong formula is made for the hard skin of men and works best to prevent suntan and other skin issues caused by pollution.

10. L’Oreal Face Wash

LOreal Face WashL’Oreal Face Wash is a cream cleanser formulated for women with dry skin. It helps clear blackheads and unclogs pores with regular usage. It comes with gentle exfoliating beads that clean deep dirt embedded in your skin. With every use, your skin becomes soft and supple. If you wish for fresh and glowing skin, L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Cream Cleanser or face wash is your answer.

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