Everything That’s Been Trending in 2019 So Far

Everything trending in 2019

We’re four months into 2019 and there’s already a hell lot of stuff riding high on the internet. From making us go rofl to basking us in revelation, they entertained us to the bits. Let’s check out every trending thing that we’ve come across on social media this year so far.

1. When legendary actress Hema Malini couldn’t care less!

Drawing water

Hema Malini constantly received flak for trying too hard seemingly close to the elections. There were just too many pictures showing her drawing water from pumps, riding a tractor and working with farmers. Her acting skills were highly appreciated, but Hema ji doesn’t give a damn. She said she wasn’t in for mud-slinging and thoroughly enjoyed her experience in the villages.

Riding Tractor

There was even a picture of her landing in a field on a helicopter, which was trolled, obviously, but there were claims that old campaigning pictures of her from 2014-15 were juxtaposed and used to ridicule her.

2. Who Said Nick & Priyanka Are Getting Divorced? Tracing the rumour to its roots


They tied the knot in December 2018 in a dreamy wedding in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. And since then their fairy tale romance has been disrupted by regressive news and baseless rumours. Their relationship is strong enough and they didn’t pay much heed to those until a  recent fiasco. A leading US magazine OK! claimed that the couple was headed for divorce. Among various other quotes, one said, They’ve been fighting about everything – work, partying, spending time together. The bottom line is that Nick and Priyanka rushed into things…And now they’re paying the price. Their marriage is hanging by a thread.”

Fans were outraged with the magazine and soon it was alleged that the couple is planning to sue the magazine! Way to go Nickyanka!

3. Superwoman’s powers are way real. She’s almost omnipotent now

Lilly Singh

YouTuber Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman stunned the world with many more revelations this year. Her coming out as a bisexual was the first and fans couldn’t keep their calm anymore. Lilly who is also an actor and author, came on to the late-night Jimmy Fallon Show only to announce that she’ll be having her own late-night show! Her show will be cast on one of the top four TV networks and will make her the only woman to have her own late-night.

And that’s not all, she recently came up with her own rap version of Bollywood songs which addressed very real issues of society. Soon after the video was up, it garnered a zillion comments and over 3 million views.

Watch the video here:

4. The world has the first-ever image of a Black Hole. No kidding!

black hole real image

Over 200 researches revealed the first ever image of the Black Hole on 10th April 2019. But this wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of Katie Bouman, an MIT Grad who developed a crucial algorithm for devising imaging methods. This algorithm was used for the Event Horizon Telescope and boom! We have news that’ll be part of history.

And even before history is created, we have the internet… you know what happens next – A meme fest!

black hole meme

5. What’s the big deal about Google’s Australian drone clearance?


While we’re waiting for people to deliver the things we need, Australia has taken the next step to get things delivered. Google’s parent company, Alphabet is launching its first air delivery service in Canberra. The country’s aviation authority has given a green signal and now an assortment of local goods to local customers will be delivered via drones through a mobile app. The future is here it seems!

6. How Apple has changed phones forever by removing the headphone jack?

No headphone jack in iPhone 

The latest technological update that we’ll soon need to embrace is the disappearance of the headphone jack. Though few might be displeased, this move might actually be for the best. What’ll happen if there’s no headphone jack? How are we going to listen to music? Without a headphone plug, there’ll be room for a bigger battery and screen and you’ll be able to listen to music with corded headphones. With a significantly better sound and much better Bluetooth headphones making their way in the market, technology is on its way to see some great progress.

7. New species of ancient humans discovered in the Philippines


The human family gets a new addition to the evolutionary timeline. The species dubbed as Homo Iuzonensis found in the island of Luzon, is not a direct ancestor of modern-day humans but an ancient relative. A remarkable discovery of an unknown type of human will definitely ignite scientific debate and change the course of evolutionary understanding.

8. NASA is planning to retrieve poop from the moon!


When humans first landed on the moon, they brought back a lot of stuff to help them with scientific studies. But they also left the lunar surface scattered with garbage…mostly poop, vomit and other waste. Now NASA is planning a mission that’ll cover 6 different locations on the moon and get it all back. This could provide valuable information about life in space by studying if microbes can survive lunar temperature and exposure to cosmic rays. We’re really getting our shit together now, aren’t we?

9. Because the world is dark and full of spoilers!

GOT spoiler

Do you love having all the information beforehand? Or would you be as wicked as Cersei or even more? Your ally is here, a website called Spoiled.io. For just $0.99 the site will anonymously text spoilers to anyone you propose.

10. Breathable clothing? Try a ‘hole’ new fashion with Polo!

Polo clothing

If you’re thinking of a fashion update this summer, ditch your usual brands and check out Polo. Yes! Our favourite refreshing mint brand has taken a creative leap to come up with clothing that is super chill. Their signature ‘hole’ could be seen as a statement design in all their pieces. Feel the cool breeze, literally!