Give Your Closet A Spunky Makeover With 10 Of Debasree Banerjee’s Looks

Give Your Closet A Spunky Makeover With 10 Of Debasree Banerjee’s Looks

Debashree Banerjee is a makeup fanatic. She has created a unique space for herself in the promo-segment of beauty, fashion and lifestyle online. Through her blog named ‘All She Needs’ she brings together knowledge, experience and personal style under one window. Fill your wardrobe with excitement with these 10 style statements by Debasree Banerjee.

1. Snuggly Sweaters

Plaid cardigans or trendy pullovers, when it comes to sweaters we’d take anything warm and cozy. Debasree adds a pair of ripped black jeans and red beanie to this comfortable white sweater. Winters at a coffee house will become unmatched in this one.

Snuggly Sweaters

2. Back To Blue

Debasree is showing us how to notch up a casual blue bodycon dress with a sling bag, sneakers and a high-spirited attitude to go with it. She chose this ensemble for a vacation and you can do so for a casual day at the college.

Back To Blue

3. Rip It Apart

If you’re the bold one, a pair of ripped jeans and netty pantyhose are what you’ll crave to wear everywhere. Debasree flaunts her wild side by pairing these with a black top and ankle length boots. Don this one at a pubbing night with friends.

Rip It Apart

4. Gym-Ready

Work up a sweat in style with a logo gym jacket. Debasree wore this piece with a crop top and jeans to take on the streets. This one is ideal to transition from your workout sessions to a refreshment cafe.


5. Take The Red Ride

Party preps or date nights, this red pencil skirt will serve the purpose alike. Debasree wore this one with an oversized white pullover and thigh-high boots to look flirty and fabulous.

Take The Red Ride

6. Glow In Yellow

Jumpsuits are super chic and some even get sultry when crafted with cutouts. Debasree wore this slick yellow jumpsuit featuring a cutout pattern paired with nude heels for an event. You can opt for something similar for a dinner night with your partner.

Glow In Yellow

7. Fringe Freak

Skirts seem to be a hit in Debasree’s wardrobe but can we even focus on that white skirt when that fringe top is such a standout. Debasree combined these flattery pieces with a pair of pink heels. Your party nights are about to get feminine and sexy with this one.

Fringe Freak

8. Fascinating Florals

This summer is going to be all about effortless and oh-so-stylish all-in-one playsuits. And what better than florals to go with it? Debasree is bringing in the hotness in a green floral playsuit paired with yellow heels and a red bag. Let the riot of colours commence!

Fascinating Florals

9. Bare The Shoulders

Discover subtle sophistication of an off-shoulder top like Debasree. She wore this style in a stripe print combined with black shorts and slip-on shoes. This one is for your next low-key brunch with the girls.

Bare The Shoulders

10. Vintage Trend Alert: Bell Bottoms

Debasree is taking these blue retro pants a step higher on the style scale by pairing it with a white lace crop top. If you hesitate in showing so much skin, you can always opt for a matching blazer to layer over it.

Vintage Trend Alert: Bell Bottoms