Why Himanshi Goel Is The Fashion Sensation You Should Look Up To?

Himanshi Goel: Revamping Herself To Be A Fashion Sensation
Instagram Handle: beesandbaubles
Instagram Followers: 159k

A dreamer, believer and an ardent fashion enthusiast, Himanshi Goel is the real-world Vogue queen. Breaking all the barriers with her curvy silhouette, she has made it big in the world of Instagram. She is a stunner when it comes to the game of fashion. From glamorous avatars to peerless styles, her feminine charm is always on fleek.

Himanshi Goel

Her Instagram handle is a musing of her personal belongingness towards fashion. She has made it big and we are equally obsessed with her fashion quotient. She has been associated with brands like Calvin Klein, Coca Cola, Satya Paul, Myntra and the count goes on.

From Interning To Starting Her Own Blog:

“I always enjoyed blogging, so I made it my career choice.”

A trendy Delhi girl, Himanshi’s stirring fashion journey has been one of its kind. Escaping from a ruthless internship, she revamped her career and took off with her pilot project ‘beesandbaubles’. To her surprise, two years into starting beesandbaubles she had already become an Instagram sensation.

Himanshi Goel

She embraces her true self like a queen and we can rightly call her “The Woman of Her Own Dreams.”  Her sheer love for fashion, clothing and its essence had always drawn her towards being a blogger.

On Her Personal Style:

“Anything and everything I see inspires my personal sense of style.”

Confidence is beautiful and her demeanor says it all! Slaying all her looks with poise and pride, her effortless style has won our hearts. Her style mantra has always been a blend of feminity and sexiness at the same time. She loves wearing cute dresses with sexy detailing on the neck or back. While styling crop tops and bralettes with high waisted skirts have always been her thing. A fashionova of 2018, Himanshi brought back the trend of styling tiny sunglasses and fanny packs with her looks.

Himanshi Goel

She admires many international and Indian bloggers for their style, but the one person she cannot get enough of is fellow blogger Shereen from ‘Love & Other Bugs’. On being asked upon ‘who is her style inspiration?’, she admitted there is no specific person, but everything and anything she sees gives her a new fashion inspiration.

On Fashion and Beauty: 

“Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin.”

Himanshi’s principles are as high as her heels! She believes that the true art of dressing up is when you don’t have to give up your comfort. Her Instagram bio says ‘Favourite OOTD – My Own Skin’, which is the right representation of her pragmatic outlook. Whatever makes you feel good, wear it and slay it with confidence. That’s it & That’s All!


Her definition of fashion is ‘perceiving it as a sense of one’s being and identity’. We couldn’t agree with her more! She has rightly defined fashion for everyone out there. It is a true sense of believing in yourself and that is what makes you beautiful.


The fashion and beauty industry is filled with glitz and glamour! But it has taught her many lessons. The most valuable one is that there can be no shortcut to success. Relying on connections and contacts has never been her cup of tea. For her, this is a dream that she enlivens with passion and hard work. She believes that one may not even realize when they start living their dreams.


An innovative soul that she is, she has a lot of new ideas coming up every day. But she believes that executing an idea is the foremost thing to take care of. On being asked about how she envisions the beauty and fashion industry after a decade, she said, “The audience is becoming more and more informed, you can’t fool them. So, a decade from now only those brands/influencers who are doing authentic work are going to stay in the game.”

On Her Favourite Social Media Channel:

 “Instagram for obvious reasons! :p”


Her affinity towards the fashion industry channelized her into becoming a fashion influencer on Instagram. Since then she has never looked back! Her Instagram handle stays flooded with visitors, DM’s, collaborators and what not. She rose to fame via Instagram and that is what makes Instagram her favourite social media channel.