Aiana Jain (@aianajsays) is an acclaimed fashion and lifestyle blogger who ventured into this field as a Style Coach. She inspires all her readers with regular updates on her social media handles that feature beautiful outfits and product reviews. Here are a few of her best outfits that’ll help you mould your style and look your best.

1. Embroidered Denim

A denim jacket has been in-style since so many years now that almost each of us owns at least one.  Embroidered denim are quirky additions that all of us must make for our wardrobe. You can pair an embroidered denim jacket with jeans or skirts or shorts too – these are super versatile.

Embroidered Denim

2. Comfy Turtleneck

Though the options are numerous yet dressing up in winters is a tough task for most of us. Be it laziness or the cold spells, all of us want to put on our warmest but trendiest outfits without compromising on the comfort. This turtleneck pullover does the trick.

Turtleneck Sweater

3. Wild Cargos

Your outfit speaks for you, so choose it wisely. If you’re planning to go hiking or for a jungle safari, then pick a pair of comfy cargo pants like Aiana J. does. Pair these with a black or an olive-green tee to look your best.

Cargo Pants

4. Monochrome Love

There’s no fun in a girl’s wardrobe without some monochrome outfits. When you wish to make an entry, it’s the easiest fashion trend to pick. Aiana has pepped up a clear black dress with the white shirt. You are free to make your own fashion statement.

Monochrome Dress

5. Feminine Florals

Floral dresses bring out the feminine side of you like nothing else. Accessorize a floral dress like this one with a coat, a cardigan, a belt, or some jewelry, and you are ready for a Sunday Brunch or a day out with friends.

Floral Dress

6. Timeless Stripes

Stripes are evergreen and they make for a great style statement. For a refreshing outing, pair striped pants with a tank top. And for a day at work, you can pair these with a shirt.

Striped Pants

7. Rowdy Red

Jackets in basic colors are a thing of the past. It’s time to heat up your wardrobe with a red jacket. It’ll not just enliven your routine but will also make up for the perfect ensemble on Christmas.

Red Jacket

8. Summery White

In the words of the blogger herself – “White calls out summer like nothing else”. Here’s a dress for you that is ideal for being worn under the sun. Add a pop of color with interesting accessories and voila! You’re ready!

Summer White Dress

9. Trendy Tube Top

It’s compulsory to do the Summer right with a cute, trendy tube top. This blue-hued top with flared sleeves is chic and modern.

Tube Top

10. Naughty Knots

Trendy and attractive, but naughty and wicked at the same time – knots are the talk of the town. Aiana has fashionably paired her knotted shirt with ripped jeans. You can either do the same or can also pair it with shorts or a playful skirt to complete your outfit.

Knotted Top