Sonia Thiyam is a young doctor turned blogger. Her beautiful amalgamation of art and fashion is what makes her stand out in the social world. Sonia takes inspiration from the classic and vintage trends to style herself as a modern beauty. Her looks may be a reflection of finesse yet give away a fierce vibe. Sonia promotes self-worth and confidence in her style. Explore some of her looks that will inspire you to step away from the mundane.

1. Acing The Animal Print

Spell unparalleled chic with the raging animal print. Sonia is giving us all the more reason to try this wild trend in the most contemporary and elegant style. Imbibe this print in a high neck top paired with blood red pants for a brunch scene with the girls.

Acing The Animal Print

2. Check-Mate

If there’s anyone who’s mastering the age-old checks like a pro, it is Sonia! She wore a checked single-breasted jacket with a pair of suede bell bottoms. This ensemble makes for a high street look. You can take this one to the office too.


3. Deadly Denim

Power your everyday wardrobe with a unique piece crafted in denim. Sonia chose to wear this distressed denim dress on a vacation and you can pick it for a relaxed day of sporting a match. A pair of chunky shoes is all you need to top this look off.

Deadly Denim

4. Forever Florals

Expand your femininity by opting for this floral dress with a wrap around belt. Sonia wore this piece with ballerina shoes for a brand’s campaign. You can imitate the same look for your next Sunday picnic.

Forever Florals

5. Easy, Breezy and Thriving

Who wouldn’t want to swoop in comfort while looking oh-so-fashionable? Sonia teaches us the right way to do so. She wore a printed oversized T-shirt with checked bell bottoms for a laid-back look. You can dress the same for a stroll around the city or some impromptu coffee runs.

Easy, Breezy and Thriving

6. Knot It Up

Sonia is rocking a tie-front shirt in the most cool-girl style. She wore an oversized white shirt featuring a tie-front detail with a pleated skirt and hat. This could be ideal for a touristy day at your next vacation to look camera ready at all times.

Knot It Up

7. Sizzling Skirts

Ripped, midis or even buttoned down, denim skirts are topping fashion charts all year round. Sonia chose a distressed mini with a lousy tie-front shirt. You can channel her effortless vibe by adding minimal makeup and accessories to this look.

Sizzling Skirts

8. Peppy Polkas

The ultimate throwback trend can be none other than polka dots. These don’t just take us back in time but also look energizing. Dressed in a polka dot top and high waist bell bottoms, Sonia looks like an absolute retro beauty. Just add a red lipstick and this could become your favorite dinner date look.

Peppy Polkas

9. Power House Camo

Camouflaging prints are a symbol of endurance and passion, the two factors that drive Sonia’s work. Sonia reflects her vision by opting for a standout military print jacket. Don this piece over any regular ensemble to instantly power up your look with a whole lot of persona.

Power House Camo

10. The Red Route

Elite clothing at its best! Sonia definitely knows how to wear the most sophisticated pieces with a funky attitude. She chose a classic single breasted blazer with a pop of red color. Dress yourself in this monotone look for a drinks night with your colleagues.

The Red Route