10 Standout Men’s Jeans Brands

A staple so evergreen that we rely on it for most occasions! Casual outings or revelry, jeans are ideally our first choice. Jeans have been taking over the fashion world with unmatched diversity ever since they came into existence. From tapered leg and slimmer fits to dropped crouched and ripped knees, you can never own enough jeans and will always lust for more.

Top jeans brands in India are always on the lookout to find a balance between the perfect fit and design. Such branded jeans are a must-have in your wardrobe. If you already don’t own a pair, it is time to get one from the best men jeans brand. Explore our list to find yours.

10 Best Men’s Jeans Brands

1. Levi’s

Levi Strauss & Co. is an American clothing brand that is a pioneer in the jeans industry. Since 1853, the brand has been providing relaxed apparel with the most rugged appeal. Sustainability is the core essence of a pair of Levi’s jeans. No matter what color, wash or fit you’re looking for, Levi’s has them all stocked.


Rs.2449 onwards

2. Wrangler

Part of the VF Corporation, Wrangler is an American clothing brand that offers an array of apparel since 1904. Wrangler imbibes innovation and creativity in all of its products especially in its line of jeans. Resonating with the youth, Wrangler’s jeans are an ideal mix of classic and trendy styles.


Rs.1297 onwards

3. Pepe Jeans

Established in London in 1973, Pepe Jeans is a denim and casual wear company. The brand offers comfortable and durable merchandise across the globe. Its jeans are available in a delightful palette of colors, washes and fits. Your off-duty look is incomplete without a pair of Pepe jeans.

Pepe Jeans

Rs.1999 onwards

4. Calvin Klein

A branded jeans name list is incomplete without the mention of this luxury fashion house. Established in 1968, Calvin Klein is a dominant player in the market. Calvin Klein’s jeans are specially designed for the modern and cool man. Priced a tad bit higher than usual, uncompromised quality makes it worthy of its price. Eye-catching fabric and design make its collection a standout.

Calvin Klein

Rs.7149 onwards

5. Lee

Primary retailer of denim jeans, Lee is an American brand established in the year 1889. Voted as one of the most trusted jeans brands in India, Lee’s denim changed the face of fashion over decades with its unmatched quality. Casual or formal, Lee’s jeans are ones to swear by.


Rs.1679 onwards

6. Numero Uno

Numero Uno dates its existence back in the 80s when a pair of denim was only an aspiration. Numero Uno manufactures world-class jeans for the masses. Their jeans are designed with innovative washes, fabrics and designs at affordable prices. Go for this brand’s cool appeal when picking your next pair of jeans.

Numero Uno

Rs.1739 onwards

7. Spykar

Founded in 1992, Skykar is India’s leading jeanswear brand targeting the youth. Synonymous to the young and restless soul, Skypar’s merchandise is casual and contemporary. Add an edge to your closet with Spykar’s rugged jeans collection. The brand offers unlimited variations in colors and patterns to make you feel like an absolute trendsetter.


Rs.1519 onwards

8. Flying Machine

India’s first homegrown denim brand, Flying Machine is the largest denim producer in India and fourth largest in the world. Youthful styles give the brand an edge, making Flying Machine’s jeans a revolutionary product. The brand is top notch in terms of fit and durability. Combine fashion with comfort and functionality with a pair of jeans from Flying Machine.

Flying Machine

Rs.1649 onwards

9. Mufti

Mufti was launched in 1998 as a fashion solution to mainstream clothing. The brand conveys international standards with an Indian spirit. Mufti specializes in producing original products that enhance your individuality. Relaxed and informal, Mufti jeans are the ideal definition of a casual vibe.


Rs.1359 onwards

10. Jack & Jones

A legacy of craftsmanship and exemplary style, Jack & Jones is a European brand that was founded in 1990 for the cosmopolitan man. Jack & Jones’ jeans are curated with supreme fabrics that offer a commendable style. Incredible designs make this brand a top hit for jeans.

Jack & Jones

Rs.3499 onwards

**DISCLAIMER: The mentioned price of the respective product is variable and subject to change.

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