Scrolling, Relating, and Commenting, if these three words define your day, then you have landed on the right page.

Memeology is not a term, it is a discipline, a tradition and a way of communication. With the internet being abuzz with memes, you surely gotta’ roll up your sleeves to be up with the lit ones. From World Record Egg to the Black Hole, we have left no stones unturned to bring the best of memes for you. Sure, you may thank us later! ?

Gear up for some high-fives with your mate as you come across the favourites in this list.


Trending Meme#1

Remember that heartbreaking news that made you reconsider ordering food from Zomato? That 2-minute long video surely left us wondering ‘When did Zomato move into food-tasting business?’ And yet again the Twitterati and keyboard warriors were quick enough to get hold of Photoshop to deliver such artistic pieces.
Zomato Meme

Well Zomato, this was Gold! (No pun intended! ?)


Trending Meme#2

It’s not often that people unite for a common cause, but it just happened. The World Record Egg beats Kylie Jenner for being the most liked picture on Instagram. And like every Big Moment, the internet came through with some hilarious memes here too! Sit back and laugh as you browse through these.Kylie Egg MemeKylie Egg Meme


Trending Meme#3

India strikes back. Guess Irony did too! And then came the time for the Pakistan defence to get trolled. Heh!
PAF MemePAF Meme


Trending Meme#4

And just then, barring all country sentiments, Navjot Singh Sidhu decided to drop a bomb (figuratively!) on his life. As an aftermath of his disgraceful comments, he had no choice but to head back to the pavilion.
Navjot Singh Sidhu MemeMust say Miss D’souza got really lucky this time!


Trending Meme#5

Conversations over coffee are cool, but if ‘Aaj Mai Kar Ke Aaya Hai’ is your idea of a talk, you’ll be sloshed, dipped and bashed and everything you can imagine. And this is what happened with the champ Pandya. Here’s the result of his outrageous comments.
Hardik Pandya Meme


Trending Meme#6

The rumoured couple, Arjun and Malaika, has become the talk of the town and given an immense boost to their search volume on Google. While they throw caution to the wind and paint the town in red, let’s design some memes and.. maybe think about their couple name too! ?Arjun Malaika Meme


Trending Meme#7

And then came the time to show how much you’ve changed over the past decade, with some believing ‘Time sure does fly when you are having fun’. Well, puberty was just so kind to them. See how the #10yearchallenge took the internet by storm!
10 Year Challenge Meme
10 Year Challenge Meme
10 Year Challenge Meme

And the winner is..
10 Year Challenge Meme
And hey, guess who even managed to get to our list of celebrities who don’t age..10 Year Challenge Meme
Jhakaaas! ?


Trending Meme#8

Just when we began to ponder upon ‘January Mei Shaadiyaan ya Shaadiyon Mei Thoda Sa January’, the drop-dead millionaire Ambani planned and executed the AkaShloka wedding (We just made it up!). As he made it all lit with the festivities, Memers let the cats out of their bag and here’s what happened.
Ambani Wedding Meme
Ambani Wedding Meme


Trending Meme#9

Thoughtfully designed for the self-obsessed and self-denying individuals, this Nobody meme occupied our news feed for really long. Gists, as follows-
Nobody MemeNobody MemeNobody Meme

Trending Meme#10

From comparing the Black Hole to a delicious snack to associating it with GOT logo, the discovery went through it all. You have our sciempathies, friend. Please apply some Burnol over the affected area.

Blackhole Meme
Blackhole Meme

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