Timex TI000N90400 Analog Watch

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  • Amazon
  • Brand:
  • Timex

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SPECIFICATIONS: Timex TI000N90400 Analog Watch


  • Style Code
  • TI000N90400
  • Occasion
  • Casual
  • Watch Type
  • Wrist Watch
  • Pack of
  • 1
  • Sales Package
  • Watch Pillow, Guarantee Card
  • Mechanism
  • Quartz

Body Features

  • Strap Material
  • Leather Strap
  • Case/Bezel Material
  • Stainless Steel Back Case
  • Date Display
  • Yes
  • Clasp Type
  • Buckle
  • Box Material
  • Metal
  • Other Functions
  • Day Display, 24 Hours Format


  • Thickness
  • 9 mm
  • Diameter
  • 41 mm
  • Weight
  • 69 g


  • Warranty Summary
  • 1 Year Domestic Warranty
  • Covered in Warranty
  • Technical Defects
  • Not Covered in Warranty
  • Physical Damages


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Timex TI000N90400 Analog Watch Price, Offers & Discount

Details Price
Original Price Rs 4495
Discount Rs 3776
Cashback Rs 248
Final Price Rs 3528

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Timex TW000Z120 Black Analog Men's Watch RateRs 3845NA
Timex TWH3Z2610 Analog Black Dial Unisex Watch RateRs 4595Rs 207
Timex T2P549 Silver Toned Textured Analogue Women's Watch RateRs 6445Rs 265
Timex TI020HG0100 Analog black Dial Men's Watch RateRs 1925NA
Timex TW2P79200 Analog Champagne Dial Women's Watch RateRs 7795Rs 350
Timex T2P528AB Originals Black Unisex Watch RateRs 10000Rs 645
Timex T5K803M6 Marathon Men's Watch RateRs 4818Rs 219
Timex TI000T11300 Quartz Brown Round Men's Watch RateRs 1345Rs 50
Timex TI000U90300 Fashion Analog Multi Color Dial Men's Watch RateRs 2695Rs 149
Timex TWEG15304 Analog Gold Dial Men's Watch RateRs 2495Rs 155
Timex TW000U310 Analogue Blue Dial Men's Watch RateRs 2875Rs 158
Timex TW000W904 Quartz Silver Square Men's Watch RateRs 1925Rs 111
Timex TW000W907 Classics Silver Dial Color Men's Watch RateRs 1995Rs 109
Timex TW000T610 Fashion Analog Brown Dial Women's Watch RateRs 2595Rs 150
Timex TW000Q807-27 Analog Silver Dial Women's Watch RateRs 3845Rs 194
Timex TW000Y703 Fashion Analog Silver Dial Women's Watch RateRs 4325Rs 204
Timex TW000X207 E Class Analog Silver Dial Women's Watch RateRs 3195Rs 172
Timex TW000J107 Fashion White Dial Color Women's Watch RateRs 2595Rs 143
Timex TW000Q812 Analog Black Dial Women's Watch RateRs 3295Rs 154
Timex TWEL11506 Classics Gold Dial Color Women Watches RateRs 2395Rs 131
Timex TW000Q813 Fashion Analog White Dial Color Women's Watch RateRs 3445Rs 184
Timex TWEL11301 Analog Brown Dial Women's Watch RateRs 2395Rs 122
Timex TW000W207 Analogue Multi Colour Dial Women's Watch RateRs 3645Rs 203
Timex TW000Y519 Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch RateRs 6545Rs 336
Timex TW000W908-30 Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch RateRs 2295Rs 122
Timex TWEG15804 Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch RateRs 8495Rs 452
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