10 Best Nail Polish Brands In India That You Can ‘Go Gaga’ Over

Do you wish to make your hands and feet magically attractive and beautiful? Invest in a quality nail polish or nail paint to be at your presentable best. Nail polish is an integral part of a woman’s fashion game. Exclusive nail art designs in different colours not only help beautify your hands but also put the fun factor back into your overall attire.

If you’re looking for the best nail polish brand in India, then we’ve brought a nail polish brands list for you. Here are top nail polish brands that you can ‘go gaga’ over.

10 Best Nail Polish Brands In India

1. Colorbar

Colorbar was launched in 2005. The brand has evolved as a popular brand for makeup and cosmetics. Within Indian nail polish brands, Colorbar is one that has climbed the steps of pioneering success and took the makeup industry by storm. If you wish to have a nail paint that doesn’t chip off within a few days, then Colorbar has numerous options for you. The brand’s Wonder Gel Nail Lacquer delivers a gel nail finish to make your hands look beautiful as ever. It is chip-resistant and does not allow yellowing of nails. It doesn’t contain harmful formaldehyde either. You get a special wide applicator for end-to-end coverage.


Rs. 200 onwards

2. Lakme

Lakme is a major brand name in the makeup and cosmetic industry. It is owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited that manufactures an array of skin care and beauty products. The brand offers trendy colours and finishes to suit different moods and personality. Featuring long-lasting, chip-resistant and colour-lock technologies, Lakme adds a stroke of style to your fingers. Be ready to impress from the spectacular shades available. Choose a sparkly shade of Lakme True Wear Nail Enamel Series that gives your nail a silk sheet. You can also try the Lakme Absolute Stylist range as it is one of the best gel nail polish brands in India.


Rs. 110 onwards

3. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is a French company founded in 1909 and is one of the most esteemed brands in the world. The brand specializes in the areas of skin care, hair care and fragrance. Its spectacular and vivid range of nail polish offers a flawless coat of colour to your nails. Colours that suit every occasion and for all seasons are simple must-haves in your drawers. Your set of nail paints is incomplete if you do not own one from this brand. Choose from Colour Riche Nail Colour Series that offers a plethora of opaque colours. The sweet fruity fragrance is another advantage as your nails smell good once the nail paint gets dried. The nail paint is a blend of intense colour and essential oil that give a sophisticated look. The flexi brush offers professional application.


Rs. 200 onwards

4. Revlon

Revlon was started in 1932 by Charles and Revson brothers. Since its inception, it has evolved as the leading brand that took the beauty industry by storm. The brand deals in various products of cosmetics, personal care products and fragrances.  The exclusive range of nail polish from this brand has become a favourite for every woman as it does not chip off and is long lasting. The vibrant colours of Revlon nail polish add the much-needed glam to your attire. You can buy Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat that has Diamond-Flex technology to deliver salon-quality colour and diamond-like finish. It offers longer stay and is water-resistant too.


Rs. 300 onwards


FACES is a Canadian brand that has been a premium cosmetic and beauty brand for 40 years. Its cosmetics are enriched with anti-oxidants and other nourishing properties for complete skin care. One of the wonderful properties is that all the products from this brand are hypoallergenic. If you yearn for a floral nail polish, then Faces is the brand for you. If you’re looking for the best long-lasting nail polish from this brand, then you can choose the Faces Ultimate Pro Gel Lustre Nail Polish. It is one of the famous gel nail polish brands that you should not miss out on.


Rs. 200 onwards

6. Maybelline

Maybelline is one of the subsidiary brands of L’Oreal Paris started in 1915 in the USA. Ever since its inception, the brand is one of the top nail polish brands in the world. Maybelline New York is also known as the best brand for a matte nail polish that you can use to beautify your hands. Its Color Show Nail Lacquer and Nail Colour Silk Stockings are just amazing. Gliding smoothly, these long-lasting nail paints are the best choices for ladies. End up with a beautiful, matte finish after each application.


Rs. 250 onwards

7. Elle 18

Elle 18 has been one of the known brands for cosmetics and make-up products for a long time. It is a trendy and easy-on-the-pocket brand preferred by teenagers. The brand-new range of nail polish from Elle 18 is something to treasure. The Elle 18 vibrant colours are enriched with cocoa butter, jojoba oil, almond oil and rose water. Be ready for trendy and healthy nails. Elle 18 Nail Pops are water resistant and contain a long-lasting formula that does not chip off easily. The Elle 18 Nail Pop Series is available in different colours and different shades that look extremely glamorous on your nails.


Rs. 150 onwards

8. Chambor

Chambor is a pioneer beauty brand from Geneva, Switzerland that was launched in 1993. Its make-up and cosmetics products consist of the finest formulations that are just as safe. You can choose a nail paint of your choice from an array of nail lacquers. Chambor Nail Enamel Intense Colour Series and Chambor Gel Effect Nail Paints are the common choices for ladies as it provides a perfect finish in one sweep. The nail colour offers plumping effects of gel-manicured hands. The high gloss colour of the nail paint gives your hands a vivacious look.ChamborPrice:

Rs. 300 onwards

9. NYX

NYX Cosmetics was founded in Los Angeles by Toni Ko in the year 1999. It has evolved as an iconic make-up and cosmetic brand. It is a reasonably priced brand that manufactures great quality of nail lacquers. If you wish to have a unique colour that looks outstanding for your skin tone, then NYX is your brand. NYX Professional Make-up Nail Lacquer gives an edge to your nails. These nail paints are long-lasting and have shimmer particles to provide a creamy pearl finish.


Rs. 200 onwards

10. Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals is an ayurvedic cosmetic, make-up and beauty brand from India. The brand is a potential leading brand, globally popular for the use of herbal ingredients. It is an affordable brand for nail paints and offers a variety of colour combinations for you to choose from. Its Wine Lust Nail Enamel Colour and Colour Dew Candy Drop Nail Enamel are famous for being 7-day chip resistant, water-proof and for adding an amazing pop of colour to your appearance. The nail colours from this brand are free from acetone, Toluene and other chemicals.

Lotus HerbalsPrice:

Rs. 140 onwards

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