Top 20 Hair Styles For Valentine’s Day | Valentine Look for Women & Men

EveA small tweak from your usual hairstyle on Valentine’s Day can help you pull off a dazzling look. Why not let the breeze flow a little differently on your face and hair on this romantic day? From hairstyles for short and medium hair to those for longer ones, we have compiled a list of the best hairstyles for men & women in town to let you embrace the creative fashionista that you are.

Let go off the ‘usual’ straighteners this year. We have got some amazing and simple hairstyles for you to style your hair in the best and different ways. Here are the best hairstyles for women and men to take the style quotient up a notch.

20 Latest Hairstyle For Men & Women for Valentine’s Day 

1. Jagged Bob Hairstyle For Women

Jagged Bob Hairstyle For Women

If you wish to create a trendy look with minimal effort, then there’s isn’t a better replacement for a jagged bob hairstyle. This style is perfect for those with short hair and will absolutely compliment the Valentine attires.  Moreover, it is highly suitable for oval shaped faces and for hair that lack enough volume.

2. Messy Fishtail Hairstyle For Women

Messy Fishtail Hairstyle For Women

Give your man an opportunity to put your hair behind your ears this Valentine’s and choose to style your hair in a messy fishtail. Easy to create, this braid hairdo looks fabulous on diamond-shaped faces. Simply divide your hair into 3 equal parts. You can then start the process by crossing the right part over the middle part and then left part over it. Moreover do you also find choosing dress to wear on new year eve difficult.  Do check out our blog where we have  mentioned some of the best outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve.

3. Braids And Bangs Hairstyle For Women

Braids And Bangs Hairstyle For Women

Cute yet classy, a braids and bangs hairstyle is a must-try this season. This one is perfect for girls with medium sized hair and will look best on heart shaped faces. Wear your favourite skirt top set and style your hair in this kind of hairdo. Enhance your hairstyle by using adorable bobby pins or hair clips to secure the hair.

4. Messy High Bun Hairstyle For Women

Messy High Bun Hairstyle For Women

Synonymous with classy, a messy high bun is the easiest to create of all the hairstyles. You may be creating one before a body shower each day. This one is just a step higher, made with the use of a better rubber band or clutch. Wear a beautiful maxi dress and impress your date with grace and charm.

5. High Pony Hairstyle For Women

High Pony Hairstyle For Women

Ideal for girls with diamond-shaped faces and of all the ages, a high pony has always succeeded to maintain its charm. This is one kind of hairstyle that compliments any look that you choose to carry. Take a retro turn as you backcomb your hair and tie your hair in an undone ponytail, creating a flawless diva look.

6. Plait Hairstyle For Women

Plait Hairstyle For Women

Highly popular at fashion weeks, a long plait hairstyle is relatively difficult to create. To rock this look on a lunch or dinner date, style your hair in this hairdo and accentuate your look by wearing a lovely floral dress. Embellish the hairstyle using white flowers and be ready to make heads turn. Take the help of a proficient beautician to rock your appearance while donning this hairstyle.

7. Ponytail Braid Hairstyle For Women

Ponytail Braid Hairstyle For Women

If you have thick and long hair, this hairdo is ideal to wear. Simply divide your hair into two equal parts. Make nine further divisions from these two parts. You can make three individual braids and then form one braid with the three braids created. The same process can be done on the other side to achieve tremendous results. This look might not be easy to create but looks phenomenal when formed in a neat and tidy manner.

8. Bubbled Pony Hairstyle For Women

Bubbled Pony Hairstyle For Women

Planning a dinner party? Go for a bubbled pony hairstyle and be the trend-setter at the party. This one is the ultimate choice for girls with long hair and an oval face. All you need to do is tie a low ponytail and form bubbles with a gap of three inches using elastic bands.

9. French Braid Hairstyle For Women

French Braid Hairstyle For Women

Unlike a normal braid, the pleats of a French braid begin from the top layer of the hair. This hairstyle looks excellent when formed neatly and is best suited on girls with round or oval faces. Wear a long coat on that special day of February and carry this exquisite hairstyle along with.

10. Crown Braid Hairstyle For Women

Crown Braid Hairstyle For Women

While it may be time-consuming to create a crown braid hairstyle, this one is ideal for women who have a broad forehead. The hairdo works wonderfully with straight hair and gives a graceful appearance when styled with a casual outfit. Moreover, this updo is easy to maintain since it helps to keep the hair tied together and is suitable for girls of all age groups.

11. Loose Curls With Braids Hairstyle For Women

Loose Curls With Braids Hairstyle For Women

Work it, girl! The loose curls with braids hairstyle make a glamorous hairdo for your silky and gorgeous hair. To create this, divide the two front sections of hair taking your ears as the centres. Separate a long section of your hair behind one of the ears and form a braid with the separated part. Take the braided part to the other side and secure it using a bobby pin. Use a curler to create loose curls with the remaining hair and voila!

12. Braided Messy Bun Hairstyle For Women

Braided Messy Bun Hairstyle For Women

To create this hairdo, simply divide your hair into two parts. Make a thin braid with one part and a bun with the other. Put the braid into the bun and tie up the entire thing with the help of bobby pins. This exceptional updo is sure to catch the attention amidst the crowd, making them all praise your effortlessly beautiful look.

13. Retro Hairstyle For Women

Retro Hairstyle For Women

Absolutely gorgeous, this classy, no-mess retro hairstyle is a hot cake in the fashion world. Straight at the top and wavy at the bottom, this hairdo is certain to accentuate your look when adorned with a tube dress. Let them hair stay ravishingly over your forehead as you walk across in style.

14. Side Bun For Women

Side Bun For Women

Thoughtfully crafted for women with thick and long hair, a side bun hairstyle is the fastest way to reach sophistication. Simply part your hair from one side, and brush them to the back of your head to create a bun. Those intense envious looks will be totally worth the smart effort that you put in.

15. Slicked Back Pixie For Women

Slicked Back Pixie For Women

Elegant and vivacious, the slicked back pixie hairstyle is a preferred choice of style divas. Since the look is less demanding, it does not take much time for women to make this hairdo. Simply apply a strong-hold gel to your hair. Style the hair in a side-parted hairstyle using a wide-tooth comb. Apply a shine spray to set your hair and you are ready to roll.

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16. Messy Undercut Hairstyle For Men

Messy Undercut Hairstyle For Men

This haircut is super popular among the men of all the ages. If you have enough hair on your head, then try to create this style out of your hair. This hairdo features messy long textured hair on top and short shaved sides.

17. Slicked Back Hairstyle For Men

Slicked Back Hairstyle For Men

Brush back your hair and blow dry them to create this classic look for the date day. The upper part of the hair is puffier than the rest of the hair and looks great on oblong face shapes. The updo will look neat as you style it with the help of a comb.

18. Side-Parted Hairstyle For Men

Side-Parted Hairstyle For Men

A great look for any day, a side-parted hairstyle is an ultimate hairdo for men. The hairstyle looks best with thicker hair types. Simply apply a small amount of a shiny pomade into damp hair. Comb and use a blow dryer to complete the look.

19. Spiky Hairstyle For Men

Spiky Hairstyle For Men

The spiky hairstyle is a quiff hairdo highly suitable for any occasion. To create this look, take the help of a strong pomade to set your hair and carry that debonair look in style. The look of this hairstyle is enhanced if flaunted by oval faced men.

20. Messy Hairstyle For Men

Messy Hairstyle For Men

Pamper yourself on this special day and style your hair in a messy hairdo. With messy textured hair on top, you will be able to give the undercut a modern feel.

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