13 Best Deodorant Brands In India

Whether a man or a woman, perfumes and deodorants make important toiletry on the list of everyday necessities for both. On the one hand, where the scorching summers in India keep on trying to make you sweat till you’re all wet, these fragrances help keep you cool and fresh throughout.

While deodorants are the most preferred fragrance mediums due to their double-action qualities, these antiperspirants come in amazing variants. So, for your ease, here we are listing the 10 top deodorant brands in India that you can choose from. Stay cool and smell enticing throughout the day. Here you can also check some of the best Eau de Parfums & perfume brands for men in India.

Our Top Picks of Deodorant Brands

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Engage Deo


India’s first range of couple deodorants and an extension of ITC’s (India Tobacco Company) personal care products business, Engage was launched back in 2013. Offering a range of Deo Sprays for men and women, Engage claims to provide 24-Hour freshness. Popular among today’s youth since its inception, engage has successfully garnered a large customer base. Bringing to the fore the new concept of playful chemistry, Engage offers 8 variants of deodorants for women and men both. With fresh and amazing fragrances, each pack illustrates one of those playful moments of a couple in which the pair can indulge.

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Fogg Deo


Offering a long-lasting fresh fragrance, Fogg is a cosmetic brand owned by Vini Cosmetics in India. Ensuring a soothing experience throughout the day, Fogg deodorants come in a range of color-coded spray dispensers. The brand offers deodorants for men and women both. With strong fragrances that are sure to lure you into buying one, the deodorants and perfumes manufactured by Fogg are quite trending these days. Suitable for those who want to smell great throughout the day, Fogg fragrances last for up to 8 or 9 hours. Here you can also check different types of Perfume.

Envy Deo


Another popular brand of deodorants that claims to provide an unmatched and unforgettable experience, Envy deodorants are quite sensual and intense fragrances inspired by a French perfumer. Known for their long-lasting fragrances, Envy deodorants are ideal to be used by both men and women. From subtle and fresh aromatic fragrances for women to intense and masculine scents for men, Envy has got that touch of French romance in all of its fragrances.



Nivea is a popular beauty and personal care brand that manufactures numerous body care, skincare and beauty products. Owned by a German company Beiersdorf Global AG, the company offers a wide range of fragrant deodorant sprays and roll-ons that protect and care for your skin along with providing you with the added benefit of skin whitening. Available in various feminine and bold fragrances, these deodorants are suitable for any occasion.

Rexona Deodorant


Offering a range of antiperspirant deodorants and roll-ons that are intelligently designed to control and stop body odor, Rexona is an Australia-based brand manufactured by Unilever. Infused with SweatGuard technology, Rexona claims to offer you 10X protection from sweat and sweat-causing bacteria.

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Denver Deo for Men


An age-old brand of deodorants known for their fragrance that lasts on the body long enough, Denver is one of the most promising brands of deodorants. A brand that offers strong and mesmerizing masculine fragrances, Denver deodorants are quite effective to be worn in a hot and humid climate. A reasonably priced product, Denver deodorants are quite effective in repelling, controlling and stopping body odor with their anti-bacterial ingredients. Right from the royal imperial scents to the bold blend of spices and musk, you’ll get it all here.

Park Avenue Deodorant

Park Avenue

Known for their strong and long-lasting fragrance, Park Avenue deodorants are one of the highest-selling fragrances among the youth. Infused with fresh-lock technology, Park Avenue deodorants offer up to 8 hours of freshness and keep your skin free from bacteria that cause odor. Available in various enigmatic and bold fragrances, Park Avenue deodorants have selections for both men and women.

Nike Deodorant


An American brand that deals with athletic footwear, accessories, apparel, and equipment, Nike too, like other brands, offers a great range of fresh fragrances. Suitable for daily wear as well as athletic needs, Nike’s fragrances are mostly bold, trendy, extreme and quite sporty. If you would like super-energized fragrances, then don’t forget to check out Nike’s deodorants.

Garnier Deo


Owned by the French Cosmetic Brand L’Oréal, Garnier is a cosmetic, skincare, and hair care giant that dominates the personal care market. With its 8 sub-brands that offer a variety of deodorants, Garnier brings some of the best fragrant and skin-protecting sprays and roll-ons for men and women respectively. Offering unique feminine and masculine fragrances that protect your skin for up to 48 hours, these deodorants are quite useful during the summer months when the heat is at its peak.

Adidas Deodorant


Another leading sportswear and gear brand, Adidas has also tapped into the body care segment for athletes. While the scents by Adidas are quite popular among sports fanatics, these fragrances can also be used on casual occasions. Available in attractive packaging for both men and women respectively, these deodorants are reasonably priced too.

Yardley Deodorant

Yardley Deodorant

Yardley is one of the oldest and most established brands from London for perfumes and soaps. With a heritage of over 240 years, Yardley boasts of a fine selection of aromatic deodorants and more. The aroma of the deodorants by Yardley is novel and sophisticated and a few spritzes can make you smell great all day long. Different variants have different base notes, mid notes, and top notes so you can choose one that you like the best. Most of these fragrances are classic yet have a contemporary hint to it.

Axe Deodorant For Men

A leading men’s grooming brand, Axe has been in business since 1983. Axe has some iconic fragrances under its umbrella that are characterized by its strong, unique, and memorable scents. Axe has evolved from a men’s grooming brand to become a lifestyle brand for the youth. It is marketed by one of India’s biggest companies- Hindustan Unilever. Axe deodorants embrace masculinity and individuality and have scents that can uplift your confidence as you smell good all day long. 

United Colors of Benetton Deodorant

United Colors of Benetton Deodorant

United Colors of Benetton brings to you deodorants that embody a strong and brave attitude. These deodorants are sources for the leading perfumers of the world- Parcos. They have a curated selection of fragrances for both men and women. They have a strong scent that lingers for quite some time after you spray them on your body. The top note, middle note, and base note harmonize together to create radiant scents that will make the smell divine.

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