How To Use Concealer For A Flawless Look

Flawless skin texture is only a concealer away! From dark circles and age spots to large pores and blemishes, concealer is one product that can cover up all your imperfections to look spotless. Even though concealer use is the most common amongst urban women, its application is rather tricky.

You don’t want your flaky patches and pimples to show in just an hour of finishing your makeup routine. We are here to gear you up with skills on concealer use in makeup and how to use this magic product to look unmatched.

How To Use  Concealer For A Flawless Finish? Tips & Tricks

Use a concealer to create a fair picture on your skin with our list of 5 easy to follow hacks. These will prep you up for an even more glamorous appearance.

Hack 1: To Conceal Dark Circles

To Conceal Dark Circles

The most common use of a concealer is to hide dark circles. Most of us opt for semicircles when applying concealer under our eyes. However, we suggest creating a triangle for better results.

How To Apply Concealer To Cover Dark Circles?

  • Draw an inverted triangle under each eye starting from the corners of your eyes till the center of the cheekbone
  • Use a brush or sponge to dab it downwards and outwards until it blends well with the skin

Hack 2: To Cover Dark Spots And Pimples

To Cover Dark Spots And Pimples

To conceal dark spots and pimples, it is recommended to use a full coverage concealer. Such concealers can hide the spots for long without leaving any residue or flaky appearance.

How To Apply Concealer On Dark Spots And Pimples?

  • Dip a thin brush in a full coverage cream concealer
  • Apply it directly as dots on dark spots and pimples
  • Use a sponge to dab the area and let the concealer blend well
  • Apply another layer of the highlighting concealer over it with a brush

Moreover you can also remove dark spots naturally. Check our blog where we have covered how you can remove dark spots naturally.

Hack 3: To Conceal Redness

To Conceal Redness

To conceal redness and discoloration around your nose, use an oil-free cream concealer with powder. We also suggest that you moisturize the area well to avoid dryness.

How To Apply Concealer To Cover Redness?

  • Use your fingers or a brush to apply the concealer on red areas around your nose
  • Blend the concealer with a damp sponge dipped in loose powder

Hack 4: To Conceal Puffiness

To Conceal Puffiness

You can mask puffiness under your eyes by using a concealer and highlighter together. This trick can make you dazzle even after busy schedules and sleepless nights. Moreover you can also exfoliate your face to get the glow on your face. Check out how you can exfoliate face naturally.

How To Apply Concealer To Cover Puffiness?

  • Mix small quantities of concealer and highlighter together
  • Use your fingers or a brush to apply it under your eyes, outside the temples, over the brow bone or any other puffy area around your eyes
  • Dab it downwards and outwards using a sponge

Hack 5: To Avoid Lip Color From Bleeding

To Avoid Lip Color From Bleeding

Tired to reapplying a lip color every time you go out? You won’t have to anymore! Prevent your lipstick from bleeding color and make it pop out by using concealer underneath. This trick will make your lips look even sharper and more lustrous.

How To Apply Concealer To Prevent Lip Color From Bleeding?

  • Dip a fine tip brush in a liquid concealer
  • Line the outside of your lips with it
  • Dab it a little with a sponge
  • Apply the lipstick on top of it thereafter

Tips To Remember While Using A Concealer

  • Choose the right shade for yourself
  • Apply the concealer using the right makeup tools
  • Always wash your face and remove all the makeup before applying a concealer
  • Moisturize well before applying the concealer to avoid a patchy look
  • Apply a primer in case you have oily skin
  • Set your concealer with a powder to make it stay longer
  • Do not use expired products
  • Learn how to use concealer and foundation together by applying the foundation as a base to even out your skin tone
  • Avoid pulling and rubbing your skin when applying the concealer
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