How to Apply Eyeliner by Yourself | Step by Step for Beginners

A necessary part of your day-to-day cosmetics schedule, the eyeliner can undoubtedly give you a dramatic look without putting a ton of effort. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, or searching for some new styles, applying eyeliner can transform the way you look and feel immediately. Wish to experiment but worried how to apply eyeliner or even worse, how to apply eyeliner by yourself? Gear up to start trying different eyeliner styles in a fail-safe smudge-free way with our list of how to apply eyeliner step by step with pictures. Find your pick and learn how to apply different eyeliner styles.

How to Apply Different Eyeliner Styles | Gel Eyeliner

How to apply Winged Eyeliner?

You can easily apply winged style eyeliner is the one that is curved from the center along the lashes and leads outwards and upwards from the corner to add a little length. Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner by drawing an extended line on the external edge of your eyes and change the length as need be. From the end, draw an internal flick with a slight bend. Once you’ve accomplished a gap, top it off to frame a wing.

How to apply cat-eye eyeliner?

How to apply Cat-eye Eyeliner?

Giving great definition to your eyes, cat-eye style looks chic and edgy on any eye shape. Lift your corners by creating great definition and lay your fingers over your face to make a stable base. Draw a smooth line from the inward corner of the eye until the external end. Expand the winged line past the regular eye line, keeping it perpendicular to the eyebrow.

How to apply cat-eye eyeliner?

How to apply Smudged Eyeliner?

Smudging is the best take on how to apply kajal eyeliner. It not only accentuates your eyes but also makes them dazzle without much effort. You don’t even have to worry about the mess. A gentle smearing and liner application with a small thin brush along the upper and lower lashes is all you need to do to achieve this ‘oh-so’ stunning style. This trick is your go-to for how to apply eyeliner for small eyes or even how to apply eyeliner for big eyes.

How to apply Flicked Eyeliner?

How to apply liquid eyeliner for beginners? This one has your name on it. The most basic yet classic style that is easy to apply will add that dash of subtle pop to your eyes. Learn how to apply eyeliner pencil by lifting your upper eye region and tight lining the eyes. This will make an illusion of thicker eyelashes. Fill in your waterline with a kajal to complete this natural look. You won’t need a how to apply pencil eyeliner video to pull this one off.

How to apply flicked eyeliner?

How to apply Double Winged Eyeliner?

The raving fishtail style is the best take on how to apply eyeliner on lower lid. This style is for the bold who know just how to apply liquid eyeliner perfectly. Initially, create a cat-eye look. Along the lower lash line, broaden a line outwards. Before the finish of the application, you ought to have two little flicks for the double-winged liner to strike in trend.

How to apply winged eyeliner?

Perfect eyeliner never seemed easier. Every stroke is distinctive and flattery. These how to apply liquid eyeliner step by step pictures and how to apply eyeliner for beginners tips will leave no room for you to not shine.

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