How to Apply Winged Liner Like A Pro?

Winged eyeliner characterizes the eyes and gives them a charming, sultry shape. The secret of how to apply eyeliner in an impeccable wing lies in a couple of basic steps. Don’t let shaky hands keep you away from the most trending styles. Work on how to apply liner freehand or utilize tape to accomplish the ideal wing. Learn how to apply eyeliner step by step with pictures to achieve the overwhelming wing with ease.

How To Apply Winged Eyeliner?  Step-By-Step Tutorial

Tip 1: Connect the Dots

Worried about how to apply eyeliner by yourself and not experience difficulty getting your lines straight? This trick to draw spots on your eyelids first is a saviour. When you have them all there, you can connect them with your liner. It’s a secure method to ensure that your lines are smooth and precise. This is by far the easiest way to know how to apply eyeliner and kajal together.

Connect the Dots

Tip 2: Use an Angled Brush

How to apply eyeliner easily to perfection comes only with patience. Learning how to apply gel eyeliner with an angled brush may be daunting. However, with practice, it will take only a few minutes to pull off. Dip your angled brush in an eyeliner pot and create an angle with your temples. Over the same line, draw an inverted line to create the upper curve of your wing. Fill the empty space and tada!

Use an Angled Brush

Tip 3: Freehand Stretch

A freehand is the right way to work towards how to apply eyeliner pencil. Draw an extended line on the outer edge of your eyes and adjust the length accordingly. From the end, draw an inward flick with a slight curve. Once you’ve achieved a gap, fill it up to form a wing. Understand how to apply eyeliner for big eyes or how to apply eyeliner for small eyes while experimenting with different lengths of your wing.

Freehand Stretch

Tip 4: Use a Tape

Here is how to apply eyeliner for beginners with this classic no-fail trick. In the event that you have issues in creating the ideal wing, grab a bit of scotch tape and your inconveniences will vanish. Line it up on your face so you can draw your wing on the side of it and it won’t overflow where you don’t need it. This is one of the simplest ways of how to apply perfect eyeliner for winged eyes that will ensure a stunning look. Don’t utilize a sort of tape that is too strong to remove while learning different ways to apply eyeliner.

Use a Tape

Tip 5: Use A Stencil Or Business Card

Use of spoon is a popular way to learn how to apply eyeliner on lower lid. But what if you can’t find a spoon or tape? At that point you can settle with a piece of paper stencil or even a business card. Simply keep an eye out for paper cuts and you’ll have an ideal winged look in a matter of seconds. Place it from the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow, direct the flick and like a guide it will make sure your wings are even on each side. It works best to learn how to apply sketch eyeliner and how to apply liquid eyeliner for beginners.

Use A Stencil Or Business Card

Tip 6: Use Pencil First

Learn how to apply mascara and eyeliner together with a kajal pencil for the perfect smoky liquid eyeliner look. Utilize the pencil to make the layout of the wings, and once you’re done, you can get the fluid liner with the end goal to fill it in and even go over the lines. It should keep things neater than they would be in the event that you started with the liquid liner. This is also another way of how to apply kajal eyeliner.

Use Pencil First

Armed with these tricks up your sleeve, mastering the perfect eyeliner style won’t be a headache. Go on and brush up your skills like a pro.

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