Kajal is a quintessential piece in every girl’s makeup vanity today. Apply kajal for an instant dazzle as this versatile piece can transform any ensemble. Is applying kajal good for eyes gets answered with the organic options available. How to apply kajal to create different styles like a tight lining or smokey eye has become an easy process. However, if you still struggle, we’re here for the rescue.

Prep your eyes and find the type of kajal you need

The basic and foremost step is to find a kajal that suits your needs. You can choose from retractable or normal kajal pencils or a kajal that comes with an applicator. You can then go on to choose different colours. The best option is to go for a kajal that has natural nourishing ingredients that keep your eyes healthy.

Before lining your eyes, it is essential that you clean your face and eyes. If you have undereye dark circles, apply some primer or foundation. This will also ensure that the kajal stays longer and does not smudge.

Read on to know 6 styles in which you can apply kajal. Strike a bold and sharp look or keep it natural with our list of ways on how to apply kajal step by step with pictures.

Style 1: Basic Lining

We give you 5 extra minutes to laze around in your bed before heading out to the office. Using kajal is the most common and easy way to amp up your eyes on an everyday basis. If you’re thinking of how to apply thick dark kajal on lower lid perfectly, here’s your answer. Start from the outer corner for a darker finish. Learn how to apply eyeliner and kajal for small eyes by not stretching the line into the inner corners.

Basic Lining

Style 2: Smudged-Effect

How to apply kajal with fingers or a brush for that smudged effect? Start from the outer corner of your lower waterline and smear it a little to create a well-smudged finish. This is the best way to know how to apply kajal for eyes with dark circles.


Style 3: Reverse Smokey Eyes

If you don’t know how to apply kajal without smudging, we give you all the easy tips to learn. Give the upper eye a miss and opt for a reverse smoky eye instead. It is one of the many different ways to apply kajal for a strong statement look. Glide a generous amount on the lower lid and smoke it out by smudging it with a brush outwards!

Reverse Smokey Eyes

Style 4: Bold Wing

Unable to pull off how to apply Maybelline gel kajal for the perfect wing? The quickest way is to use a kajal pencil. Use your kajal to draw a wing on your upper lid and even if it is imperfect, smudge it lightly for an even looking finish. This is an easy way to get sultry eyes for a romantic evening.

Bold Wing

Style 5: Upper Lid Application

If you’re craving to work on how to apply kajal for small eyes or how to apply kajal for big eyes, upper lid application comes in play. No matter what size or shape of your eye is, applying kajal on upper lid becomes easier with a generous coat of kohl. This application makes your eyes appear much bigger. Mascara will complete this look.

Upper Lid Application

Style 6: Use Colored Kajal

How to apply kajal in eyes the Indian style without being basic? Use a pop of color. Learn how to apply Lakme Eyeconic kajal by picking one from its variety of hues. You can also ace the no makeup look by applying a subtle color on the upper lid. Use both lids for a more striking look. It is the easiest way to learn how to apply eyeliner and kajal together for formal occasions.

Use Colored Kajal

Don’t let lack of skill keep you from new makeup trends. Packed with these tricks you will face no issues on how to apply kajal in eyes. There is a trick for every style of application to upgrade your glam. Hurry to try them now!

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