How To Apply Kajal | Eyeliner Tips

‘Makeup is an art and you are the artist!’

An essential makeup accessory, an eye Kajal is a must-have cosmetic for any women. Even without makeup, a neat stroke of kajal in eyes would ensure that you do not carry a dull look. Apart from giving a dramatic look to your eyes, a Kajal stick can help replace a number of makeup products. You can apply a thin line over your waterline or even use a brush or wand to create a thick, smoky eyeliner style. Be ready to ‘wow’ everyone around you as you flaunt your creativity through the versatility of Kohl eyes.

If you are confused about how to put kajal in eyes in different ways to get that bold look, then here is a step-by-step picture guide to help you.

How to Put Eye Kajal | Step by Step Picture Guide

You can use a kajal pencil or a roll-on kajal to create some stunning looks for your eyes. Follow this extensive guide to achieve your favourite look in minutes.

1. Clean The Area Around Your Eyes

Clean The Area Around Your Eyes

Before you apply kajal to your eyes, you must clean the surrounding area properly. This will help you remove unnecessary traces of oil and dirt off your skin.

2. Apply Kajal for Small Eyes

Glide The Kajal

Sharpen your kajal pencil to line your eyes. Pull down your lower eyelid and start lining from the outer edge. Glide slowly to the inner corner to avoid excessive application. If you have small eyes, you should focus more on the outer corners. This will give a perfect definition to your eyes and make them look bigger and better.
To impart a dark colour, you can apply 1 or more additional strokes of kohl, but ensure that you do not use it excessively. And for those who find it difficult to apply eyeliners. We have created this amazing blog on how to apply eyeliners perfectly.

3. Smudge With Finger Or Brush

Smudge Kajal With Finger Or Brush

Enhance your look by wearing a smoky-eye makeup. You can use your ring finger or an eye-brush to smudge the kohl. Gently drag the kajal below the waterline and smudge it downwards to create a smoky effect. Voila! A quick smoky-eye, and barely any work!

4. How to Apply Kajal on Upper Lid

Apply Kajal On The Upper Lash Line

Using kajal on your upper lid will make your eyes look bigger and give them a dimension. Simply close your eyes and draw a soft line from the inner edge to the outer edge. Try to do this in one motion to prevent smudging. You can even add thicker strokes to the eye to accentuate your look.

Eye Makeup with Kajal – Eyeliner Tips

Winged Eyeliner Tutorial Steps 

Winged Eye Makeup

  1. Close your eye and draw a thin line along your upper lash line.
  2. From the outer edge of the lash line, create a short line that tilts upward at a 45-degree angle with winged eyeliner. This will form a wing shape.
  3. You may thicken the liner using one or more additional strokes of kajal. You can also do this under your eyes and then join the two for a well-rounded and smudge free kajal.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial – Step by step

Smoky Eye Makeup

  1. Apply a generous amount of Kajal on your upper and lower eyelid.
  2. Use a brush or wand to smudge the kajal.
  3. Move the brush upward and downward for an ombre effect.

Kajal & Eyeliner Tips:

  1. Buy a Kajal enriched with natural ingredients to pamper your eyes.
  2. Don’t share your Kajal with anyone. This can result in a transfer of germs and cause severe eye-infection.
  3. Take off your Kajal using makeup remover or coconut oil before you sleep to avoid harming your eyes.
  4. Avoid wearing Kajal when you are suffering from an eye problem (irritation or infection).

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