5 Top Colorbar Liquid Lipstick Shades A Woman Should Own

If you want your lips to stand out, liquid lipsticks must be your next catch. Liquid lip colours add gleam to your lips and a tinge of colour. These Colorbar liquid lipsticks shades are perfect for everybody and must be a part of every girl’s makeup kit. From a glossy moist effect to a creamy matte finish, you can find it all in the liquid lip colour range from Colorbar. These Colorbar liquid lip colors do not have a drab impact on the skin of the lips which makes it heavenly for any season. So, check out some of the best Colorbar Liquid Matte Lipstick shades from the Colorbar Liquid Lipstick review:

List of 5 Best Colorbar Liquid Matte Lipstick Shades 

1. Colorbar Kiss Proof Mauve

The Kiss proof collection by Colorbar is a revolutionary makeup product that goes as per its name. The product is non-transferable. This mauve liquid lipstick by Colorbar glides flawlessly on your lips and gives an impressive velvety mauve coat to your lips giving it a matte finish. Enriched with Vitamin E, minerals and anti-oxidants, this lip shade will nourish your lips while making you look absolutely stunning. This Colorbar Liquid Lipstick Mauve Dusk has a very soft texture which settles on your lips perfectly and can go as long as for 12 hours. It is a perfect choice for parties and night outs.

Colorbar Kiss Proof Mauve


Rs.720 Only

2. Colorbar Hollywood Lip Stain

Colorbar’s Hollywood lip stain gives a reddish-brown colour to your lips with a beautiful matte finish. With its bold red shade, you can wear it on any festive occasion or simply on a work day. This Hollywood lip stain is great for all skin tones and it does not have any yellow or blue undertones. The creamy texture of this Colorbar Liquid Lip Colour skims perfectly with your lips giving it a superfine matte finish. It stays long on your lips and gives you a bold look.

Colorbar Hollywood Lip Stain


Rs.950 Only

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3. Colorbar Blush Crush

Be vivacious with this vibrant neon pink Blush Crush Liquid Lip Colour by Colorbar. This lip colour by Colorbar perfectly settles on your lips within 10-15 seconds of application. It clings to your lips instantly giving your lips a creamy matte look. Blush Crush by Colorbar has one of the most feminine and chic colours that you will never regret investing in. The magenta neon pink colour has blush undertones –perfect for all skin tones. The shade is super lightweight and you can wear this for all your girl gatherings and romantic endeavours.

Colorbar Blush Crush


Rs.675 Only

4. Colorbar Royal Pink

This Colorbar Liquid Lipstick Royal Pink colour must be your next catch this season. The Colorbar Liquid Lipstick shade – Royal Pink is another fabulous shade from the Colorbar Kiss-proof range with its long and sturdy applicator. It has a milky pink shade which when applied leaves the lips flawless. This Royal Pink Lakme 9 to 5 lip shade is perfect for all skin tones. A dark-skinned woman to a fair skin woman, every woman can rock in this shade. The creamy matte finish enhances the shade of this Colorbar Liquid Lipstick making your lips look gorgeous. Put on this lipstick and you’re good to go. Do checkout our thoughts on Colorbar mousse foundation features.

Colorbar Royal Pink


Rs.713 Only

5. Colorbar Rustic Lip Stain

Rustic lip stain by Colorbar is an essential for every girl who likes to keep it casual yet quirky. Its muted wearable shade of matte orange brightens up your face instantly. The matte finish gives this look a vintage appeal making it perfect when worn with ethnic attires. Gliding perfectly over the lips, it syncs perfectly with your skin tone. This Rustic lip stain stays for a long period of time on your lips and feels lightweight. It gives an opaque pigmentation in one single swipe and its creamy formula does not let creases form on your lips.

Colorbar Rustic Lip Stain


Rs.720 Only

Pro Tip: Explore different Colorbar Liquid Lipstick swatches to get to know which lipstick is the best for you.

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