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Audacious and quirky, Srishti is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who wears her attitude on her sleeves. While she reaches out to her audience passionately through her Instagram handle, she also has a blog which talks about fashion, beauty, relationships, everything that’s trending and so much more! She loves to have fun with her style and certainly makes an impact with her out-there fashion sense.

Srishti Chandra

Srishti let’s you dive into her personality through all her mediums. The snippets of her life as a Mumbai chi mulgi (Mumbai girl) and her take on the association with everyone around her are depicted beautifully through fun infographics. Though we loved her Bee & Blu blog, we needed more. To know what makes her buzz, we had a little chat with her. Here’s all you wanted to know about Srishti Chandra. Moreover do check out how Sonia’s latest looks broke societal norms

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Her Inspiration For Beginning This Journey:

Her love for fashion and beauty combined with a flair of writing drove her into taking up a blogging career. She says, “I always had a decent wardrobe and thought it was a good idea to share my fashion tips with people digitally.” She brings out her personality and other aspects of her life in her blog that celebrates life and femininity and creates a ‘bullshit free zone’ for all its companions. 

On Her Personal Style:

Srishti is inspired by the global street style vibe and loves to bring in a hint of her mood while dressing up. In this crazy digital world, you never know who might inspire you. “It can just be one particular look rather than a complete portfolio of a person that can inspire or give direction to your thoughts.” A bold mix of feminine and trendy, she also likes to experiment with new styles to bring in a dashing version of herself. Also, you might also find these latest Niki Mehra’s looks.

“As long as it makes you happy, go with it!”

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The celebrity she loves in terms of style is Kangana Ranaut and here’s why. Shrishti says, “I admire Kangana’s style for being unpredictable, striking and sophisticated at the same time, especially because she doesn’t come from a privileged background and has picked up her sense of style during her journey.” She also says that judging someone on the basis of their style is something beyond her authority as style is personal and extremely subjective. “As long as it makes you happy, go with it!”

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On Fashion and Beauty:

The transformational power of fashion and beauty is immense. They’re a tool to express yourself fully. “There’s always something new and creative happening in these industries that are so dynamic in nature.” Therefore, the lessons she’s learnt throughout her journey are aligned with these factors. “You always have to stay updated and gain enough knowledge about things that are trending”, she says.

“Fashion & beauty are a tool to express yourself fully to the world using the transformational power that they have.”

“2018 was a great creative year for fashion when a lot of trends from the past bounced back in new form. My favourite has to be ‘polka dots’ since there is such a happy vibe associated with them. Girly, eye-catchy and fashion forward, this trend is something everyone can incorporate in their wardrobe.” Moving on to visualize these markets a decade from now, she feels that these sectors will get more democratized with the help of digitization.

Srishti Chandra in ethnic
On Her Favourite Social Media Platform:

“It’s all about what you take away from a picture in those 2-5s from your mobile screen.”

Instagram is undoubtedly her favourite platform as she believes that most times an image can convey more than a thousand words. “It’s all about what you take away from a picture in those 2-5s from your mobile screen.” Though the idea behind it all is valuable, the execution is what makes anything stand out. “Always remember that God is in the details. It’s all about how much sweat and blood you put in the execution which makes the final output outstanding.” She goes on to recognize the efforts of talented and supportive individuals she’s worked with to build a solid name for herself. “Nothing is built alone”, the motivation from everyone involved in her long journey has made her work and stance all the more worthwhile.

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