Stefy Gupta: Inspiring Young Beauty Sensations To Create A Rage

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A Delhi-based fashion and beauty blogger, Stefy inspires her followers with her fresh and new styles each time; every day. A Marketing and Communications enthusiast, she is a versatile fashionista who wears her personal style with a smile. A passionate beauty blogger, Stefy has always been an independent soul, headstrong and conscious of carrying herself the way she wants to.

Stefy Gupta

A believer of ‘everything stylish’, she can carry each style with total ease. Be it casual chic or dressy traditional, you will always find her sporting the best she has. Determined to bring to fore something amazing that can help girls enhance their beauty and style, she is up to something extraordinary every time. While Stefy promotes her fashionable style on Instagram, she’s quite inclined towards content curation for the beauty domain too. Also, do have a look at these sassy shifa’s look inspiring.

Her Journey into the Fashion and Beauty World

“For me, it’s not actually a journey, but a continuous process.”

Stefy Gupta

She joyously recalls the days of her childhood, the time she spent with her parents and her innate curiosity to know about the fashion world. She has lived a part of her school life in the hostel, a place where she learned to cherish her inner persona and free spirit. This is what, according to her, made her the person she is. Though she confesses that she loves to read famous fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Femina when boredom strikes her, yet she believes that beauty is not about how you look on the outside.

On Her Personal Style

“Be an inventor of your own style.”

Stefy Gupta

This is the motto of her journey as a fashionista. Stefy has a comfortable signature style that every girl dreams of. A comfy pair of Yoga pants or a pair of loose pyjamas with a T-shirt are always go-to options for her. If you ask about her favourite fashion trend, she cheerfully says that a bodycon skirt with a cute full sleeve blouse is what took her heart away last year. A lover of flowy dresses, she always has some space in her wardrobe for them. An ardent follower of Gigi Hadid for her style and poise, she’s totally smitten with the way Gigi dresses up and slays. Moreover do have a look at these amazing photos of blogger Sana sultan khan.

On Fashion and Beauty:

“Beauty is within you always; all you have to do is explore a little bit more about yourself.”

Stefy Gupta

Stefy believes that every girl is beautiful in her own way. Fashion to her is not just about looking good but being confident too. It is totally up to us how we explore that confidence and beauty. To empower the girls to try out the latest fashion she also runs a blog by the handle of ‘Stand Gorgeous’. A collection of all her top styles and tips about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and more, she wishes to make every girl feel special about the way they carry themselves.

Smitten by how fashion has evolved in all these years with anarkalis being paired with bell bottoms, she visualizes the time when the fashion styles from the golden era return and create a stir in the industry.

On Her Favourite Social Media Platform:

“I love using Instagram, Roposo & Facebook. These are the places where I can showcase my individuality.”

Stefy Gupta

While all these social platforms let her showcase her individuality, they also allow her to connect with the ones who follow her. Prioritizing idea ahead of anything else, she says that beauty can be achieved only when you smile and are comfortable in what you wear. She is thankful to her hidden angels, her parents and husband who supported her throughout her fashion journey, without whom her journey would be totally incomplete. While her awesome team of stylists and photographers work day in and day out with her, she fully gives the credit of all those glitz and glamorous pictures to them and calls her work an art as well as science.

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