How Dimpi Sanghvi Made It Big In The World Of Blogging

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Whether it is the glitz and glamour of Bollywood or just another person making way to work every morning, Mumbai instills dreams in every person. Dimpi belongs to this roaring city. Initially, a management graduate working for a multinational company, she took up her dream of blogging and brought to life ‘Wardrobe Secrets’ in 2016.

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Her lifestyle blog and the Instagram page went on to be one of the fastest growing blogs, making her a renowned name in the world of blogging. This happy soul is now a full-time blogger who curates urban and unique style ideas for her audience.  She’s made her mark by working with reputed brands like BBlunt, Superdry, Honor, L’Oréal, Lakme, Mercedes, Versus by Versace, Steve Madden, Ferragamo, Nike and many more. Also, do check out latest Srishti Chandra style.

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From A Corporate Personnel To A Blogger

“Make your passion your paycheck, invest in yourself.”

Dimpi’s yearning to make work synonymous to play drove her to take up blogging. She says, “I guess the desire to do something which would make me get up in the morning and the excitement of what the day holds for me made me choose to blog over a mundane corporate life.” But she knew the stakes were high and things would not come easy. Have a look at inspiring Sonia looks.

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“It was like a Now or Never situation for me. In fact, I got into blogging after getting married and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my husband – Shashank Sanghvi. He was there at every step to encourage and motivate me. His faith helped me take this leap.”

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On Her Personal Style:

“My style is very relaxed but I constantly innovate to bring new things to the table.”

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This sensational beauty says that she has a very relaxed style. A pair of slim fit distressed jeans with a full-sleeved casual shirt is her go-to option. Whether it is sultry or casual, her looks from Instagram can be an inspiration to just any girl for enhancing her dressing up routine. As a blogger, she also believes that it is her duty to constantly innovate and transform her looks to bring practical and wearable options for her followers. She takes style inspiration from the gorgeous Deepika Padukone and definitely rocks anything she throws on.

On Fashion and Beauty:

“Wear your personality and own it confidently.”

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Dimpi sees fashion as something that resonates with her personality and she is comfortable wearing. She doesn’t believe in following trends blindly but loves to experiment with them and constantly update her style. “I feel that people who are confident are very attractive and that is the kind of beauty which will never fade.” She wants to be an inspiration, not just by giving out her advice on fashion but by being someone who can bring out that confidence in people. 

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Some of the biggest lessons she has learned by being in this industry are to actively innovate and be on your toes. “Also, don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. If you wish to achieve something, you have got to believe in yourself and go for it.”

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Plaids, bell bottoms and fanny packs were her most loved trends this year. A decade from now, she pictures the fashion and beauty market in India to be more receptive to change, along with being more contemporary and innovative.

On Her Favourite Social Media Platform:

“Instagram is the platform I love because it gave me this opportunity to do what I love.”


She loves Instagram because it was this platform which gave her an opportunity to do what she loves. Most of the times she works alone as it gives her ample space to execute her style of work and get it done. A lot of other times, she carries out her work with a team.

We wish her all the success and hope she gives us more double-tap worthy posts every day. Do check out Niki Mehra’s story of success.

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