8 Surprising Ways in Which You Can Wear Cut Jeans

Jeans are the most popular type of bottoms for men and women both. They come in various styles such as a high rise, mid-rise and low-rise jeans. Jeans are majorly distinguished based on cuts and washes. A pair of jeans is the perfect outfit choice for all those who like to keep it casual and yet play around with the piece of clothing.

Here are some simple ways in which you can style your cut jeans in various ways and look your best.

1. Boot Cut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are a less exaggerated version of flared jeans. They are less dramatic but have a flared bottom. If you are confused on what to wear for a casual meet or a trip, this one might be a good choice.  This solid black women’s bootcut jeans look stylish with a striped crop top. It can even be worn with a shirt on formal occasions.

High waisted bootcut jeans exude a retro vibe and can be another option you can rock! Guys can also flaunt a laidback look with men’s bootcut jeans.

Accessorize With:

Sunglasses, sling bag, block heels.

Style Tip:

Wear a thick eyeliner and pink lip gloss.

Boot Cut Jeans

Rs. 1790 onwards

2. Ankle Cut Jeans

Ankle cut jeans fit just above your ankle and flatter any body type. This slim fit ankle cut jeans can take your dressing style to a whole new level as you step out of your home. Keep it simple and wear this look for any casual day. A cropped tee and a pair of sneakers will look great with this type of jeans. You can even wear it with heels or boots.

Accessorize With:

White sneakers, a casual watch.

Style Tip:

Apply a bold lip colour and highlight your eyes with eyeliner.

Ankle Cut Jeans

Rs. 759 onwards

3. Knee Cut Jeans

Wearing ripped knee cut jeans is another way you can look fabulous on a casual day out. Ripped jeans as a category are huge and do not restrict itself to cuts on the knee. This style can be as whacky as you can think of. These white jeans can look good with any type of top lying around in your wardrobe, crop, spaghetti or a blouson.

Accessorize With:

A pair of sneakers or loafers, a metal dress watch.

Style Tip:

Leave your hair open or tie it in a messy bun. Apply subtle makeup for the day.

Knee Cut Jeans

Rs. 899 onwards

4. Straight Cut Jeans

Straight cut jeans or straight leg jeans fit naturally at the waist and have almost the same width from around the knee to the ankle. Look stylish for all the get-togethers and dates with straight cut jeans. Pair block heels and a trendy sweater for a romantic date on an autumn evening.

Accessorize With:

Block heels, watch, sling bag and dainty earrings.

Style Tip:

Wear a nude pink lip colour and apply blush on your cheeks with minimal eye makeup.

Straight Cut Jeans

Rs. 1349 onwards

Although Jeans also looks very classy. Check out our latest blogs on how to style kurtas with jeans.

5. Relaxed Cut Jeans

The most versatile pair of jeans that you can own is relaxed cut jeans. If casual, off-duty statements speak your style, then you can never go wrong with this one. They are boxy, have room for movement and are still very structured. Wear these jeans with an oversized cardigan in the fall or a quirky T-shirt in the summer.

Accessorize With:

T-shirt, a watch, a pair of white sneakers, and wayfarers.

Style Tip:

Apply dewy makeup with a bold lip shade.

Relaxed Cut Jeans

Rs. 2024 onwards

6. Skinny or Tight Cut Jeans

Skinny jeans are the most body-hugging types of jeans and that is why it is better for leaner or toned bodies to opt for this style. Since the jean has a tight cut, you can experiment with boho style or loose-fitting tops. But, the infamous tight cut jeans and white T-shirt look can still make the hearts roar at any given day. Do check out our latest list of the best skinny fit jeans.

Accessorize With:

White solid T-shirt, sporty watch, sneakers, and aviators.

Style Tip:         

Tie your hair in a top-knot and wear a pink lip gloss.

Skinny or Tight Cut Jeans

Rs. 1120 onwards

7. Slim Cut Jeans

Slim fit or slim cut jeans are similar to skinny jeans but are not that body-hugging or tight. Such a style can be picked up by a wider audience as it accommodates almost all body types. This comfortable and stylish pair can be paired with T-shirts and loafers on a usual day out.

Accessorize With:

A watch, loafers or sneakers, satchel and sunglasses.

Style Tip:

Apply a thin line of eyeliner and a peach matte lipstick.

Slim Cut Jeans

Rs. 1699 onwards

8. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are called so because they are a couple of sizes bigger to the person who is wearing. They are slouchy and relaxed as if made for him but are actually made for women. Some might even call them baggy. But with newer versions coming up every now, you can find yourself a sleeker, chicer pair. Team your boyfriend jeans with a one-shoulder top for a feminine yet boyish charm.

Accessorize With:

Sneakers, clear aviators, and a watch.

Style Tip:

Straighten your hair and leave them open. Apply eyeliner and a nude pink lipstick.

Boyfriend Jeans

Rs. 2249 onwards

**DISCLAIMER: The mentioned price of the respective product is variable and subject to change.   

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