Pairing the right lingerie with the right kind of outfit is much necessary to feel comfortable. While there are various types of bra, most of us are unaware of the types of lingerie options available in the market. And hence we tend to match the wrong one with our daily outfits. If you find it difficult to understand the purpose of each type of bra, have a look at our list of different types of bra with name and what should you wear it with. So, here is a comprehensive list of all types of bra available in India, so that we can pair particular lingerie with our favourite outfit.

Which Type of Bra is Best | Shapes, Kinds & Styles of Bras


1. T-Shirt Bra

Break free from the fears of wearing a wrong lingerie with your favourite tee. T-Shirt bras provide you the most seamless look when you’re planning to wear tops, shirt or a T-shirt. Designed with seamless cups keeping in mind the smooth look that is required once you wear a T-shirt, Tshirt bras should be worn by teenagers.


T-Shirt Bra

Rs.347 onwards

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2. Halter Neck Net Bra

Featuring an around-the-neck design, this bra can be worn with dresses with low necklines. Halter neck bras keep the troublesome shoulder straps off your back, relieving your shoulders from all the work. Providing maximum support to the bust with an upwards lift these bras can be easily slipped on. A secure and comfortable to wear lingerie, these bras offer a comfortable fit for low cut, backless and halter-neck dresses.


Halter Neck Bra

Rs.1295 onwards

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3. Maternity Bra

Designed to offer complete ease to a woman during and after pregnancy, a maternity bra provides support to the bust and is usually made up of stretchy fabric that gives some space for the changing breast size. They are designed with removable nursing panels that make nursing your babies easier. These bras also offer high coverage and better side support that keep the enlarged bust in place without sagging.


Maternity Bra

Rs.999 onwards

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4. Stick-on Bra

A perfect choice for strapless, low neckline or off-shoulder dresses, a stick-on bra can be easily worn with such outfits. Made with adhesive silicone material, this bra sticks on to your skin providing you a comfortable movement without the strap digging into your shoulders and the back. An adhesive silicone bra provides comfort and sufficient support to your breasts retaining their natural shape along with highlighting a perfect cleavage.


Stick-on Bra

Rs.524 onwards

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5. Front-open Bra

A front open bra can be a boon for those women who find it difficult to fasten regular bras which have hooks located at the back. These bras are comfortable to wear and can be worn under any outfit that has sleeves or straps.


Front-open Bra

Rs.1195 onwards

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6. Push-up Bra

Just like its name suggests, this bra helps in pushing your bust upwards preventing them from sagging under a classy dress. A push-up bra gives your breasts a more rounded look. It is designed to not only lift your breasts but also lengthen your waist, thereby slimming your silhouette and making you look extra sexy. With a good amount of cleavage showing, these bras can be worn with dresses that have a plunge neckline or are backless.


Push-up Bra

Rs.877 onwards

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7. Tube Bra

These bras can ideally be worn under dresses that have low backs or are backless. Featuring a transparent strap that is often invisible, tube bras are quite versatile and can be paired up with almost all kinds of dresses.


Transparent/Backless Bra


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8. Sports Bra

A sports bra as the name suggests is designed keeping in mind the workout requirements of an individual. Made exclusively for sports and fitness purposes, these bras can be worn under tank tops while working out. Made with absorbent fabric these bras are also effective in keeping moisture away from your skin


Sports Bra

Rs.1899 onwards

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9. Underwired Bra

Designed with a thin, semi-circular strip of hard material inserted inside the brassiere fabric right at the bottom of the bra, underwired bras push your bust upward and closer. Offering you maximum support these Underwired bras is the best bra for large breasts.


Underwired Bra

Rs.699 onwards

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10. Padded Bra

A padded bra ensures that your breasts look full throughout the time you’re wearing it. Offering you a more presentable and feminine look, Padded bra can enhance your overall appearance and suits best for sagging breasts. Padded bras can be worn along with dresses made up of light fabric and regular tops.


Padded Bra

Rs.297 onwards

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11. Convertible Bra

In a time where lingerie is becoming increasingly expensive, convertible bras work as a great fix for the dent in the pocket. Convertible Bras come with detachable straps to help transform a normal bra into a halter, racerback, strapless, or any other type of bra. So, you can use one bra for a variety of purposes and events!

Convertible Bra

Rs. 697 onwards


12. Strapless Bra

For those cut-sleeves and tube top days, strapless bras are a blessing. The cups of a strapless bra are  designed to hold the breasts firmly in place . To provide immense comfort, these bras come with a wired under-band and are even available in a vast range of designs and colors.

Strapless Bra

Rs. 499 onwards

13. Bandeau Bra

An epitome of style and comfort, bandeau bras are simply a band of stretchable fabric that can be worn to provide coverage to the breasts. These bras are available in a wide range of designs such as lace, satin, and layered. Since this type of lingerie has no straps and cups, it is usually worn at home to experience the snug.

Bandeau Bra

Rs. 299 onwards


14. Plunge Bra

A must-have in your wardrobe, plunge bras are especially crafted to show off your sexy cleavage with proper definition. These bras offer a fuller appearance to the bust and cleavage and are fondly worn under deep neck outfits. Additionally, these lingerie items work as push up bras by giving added support and comfort to the bust.

Plunge Bra

Rs. 696 onwards

15. Minimizer Bra

Thoughtfully crafted to be worn under fitted dresses, minimizer bras work as saviours from those wardrobe malfunctions. They help reduce the appearance of large bust size and allow women to look more visually appealing than ever. Not only do does a minimizer bra provide proper shape to your bust, but also allows you to feel comfortable throughout the day.

Minimizer Bra

Rs. 271 onwards


16. Cami Bra

A cami bra is an exclusive blend of comfort and functionality. These bras are characterized by high necklines and full cups to hide the cleavage under deep necks. Neat and intact, Cami bras can be worn under all types of clothes as these help lift the look to a whole new level.

Cami Bra

Rs. 311 onwards


17. Longline Bra

As the name suggests, longline bras are designed to cover the area below the breast to a little above the belly button, apart from the breast area. These bras feature thick straps to support your breast and can be layered under different types of outfits.

Longline Bra

Rs. 697 onwards


18. Cage Bra

Designed to offer a sleek and sexy look, cage bras come with multi-strap designer backs and necklines. They have made a huge turnover in the current fashion scenario and are a popular choice among women. Cage bras look best when worn with low cut and sheer back outfits and add a dash of drama to your look.

Cage Bra

Rs. 598 onwards


19. Lace Bra

Bras are intimate pieces of clothing and must not be a turn-off. Choose to add a lace bra to your lingerie closet that works as a fancy variant to your usual lingerie collection. The lace fabric can be conveniently added to any type of bra and is designed to take your style quotient up a sexier notch.

Lace Bra

Rs. 273 onwards


20. Halter Bra

Oh my! The sensual and alluring look of a halter bra is unmatchable. These bras go perfectly well with tank tops, tubes, and even strapless dresses and are bare-essentials for any women.

Halter Bra

Rs. 89 onwards


21. Underwired Bra

Suited for small and medium-sized breasts, underwired bras are provide support from the bottom. These bras offer full coverage to the breasts, leaving a little of the upper portion. Pamper yourself and buy underwired bras that are usually made using fancy materials and fabrics.

Underwired Bra

Rs. 382 onwards


22. Transparent Bra

Primarily worn under backless and low back outfits, transparent bras are an ultimate support system of a garment. From a full transparent bra cup to a transparent strapped bra, this segment deserves a special portion of a woman’s wardrobe. These bras are specially crafted using the softest fabric and are effective in emphasizing the body shape.

Transparent Bra

Rs. 296 onwards

23. Silicone Bra

A comfortable and practical option, silicone bras have created a rage in the fashion arena. These bras are a perfect choice for women with small breasts. The best part about silicone bras is that these can be worn under ultra-light and backless dresses and cause zero comfort issues on wearing.

Silicone Bra

Rs. 299 onwards

24. Racerback Bra

A pretty classification of the bra segment, racerback bras spell classy and comfort. The straps of these bras hover around the collarbone and not the arm, unlike the regular bras. These bras serve as exclusive style statements for numerous women across the globe.

Racerback Bra

Rs. 599 onwards


25. Balconette Bra

Balconette bras come with a vision to enable women to enjoy the beauty of fashion and is a trendy choice for both, women and teens. Wear it under your favorite dress and embrace your uniqueness. Identify your right size and shape and appreciate your body as you adorn this sexy lingerie.

Balconette Bra


Rs. 2799 onwards

Here, you’re all set. So now that you know what are the different bra types, go and grab your favourite types of ladies bra.

**DISCLAIMER: The mentioned price of the respective product is variable and subject to change.